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  • Replacement gib models/skins


    I have recently been constructing a HD setup for Darkplaces. I have most things replaced but after looking around on the forums a bit but can't seem to find any replacement gib models or skins.

    Does anyone know of any?


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    I'm not aware of replacements for gibs. There's an additional HD heart in Seven's Small Mod Compilation. Heads are usually included in the replacement packs for monsters/player (they're the files whose name begins with "h_"). Try Talisa's list. Post #2 has a Monsters & Player section with a lot of links. Posts #4 & 5 include a Monsters section for MP1 and MP2 respectively.
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      Black Rayne Studios gib-models


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        Hello Lucifex,

        There are many different replacement models & textures for gibs.
        By the way, there is not 1 single file in Quake for which there is no replacement file available. Keep in mind that Quake is the most modded game ever and will ever be.

        But back to gibs:

        There are 3 gib models in Quake:
        - gib1.mdl (represents an arm)
        - gib2.mdl (represents a torso/chest)
        - gib3.mdl (indefinable chunk of meat)

        There are at least the below Sets to choose from.
        Be aware that you can mix each and every Set piece to create your own personal Set !

        I made screenshots of them, so that you can better see and compare them.
        Some gibs look similar, some look really different.
        Some have a rather poor quality, some are very high quality (like Ruohis gibs).

        Please click on the thumbnails to see all details.

        Set 1:

        Set 2 by Ruohis:

        Set 3 includes Primevilīs gib1 skin:

        Set 4 a remix by osjclatchford:

        Set 5:

        Set 6 (only contains gib1 & gib2):

        Choose your destiny or mix your own fate

        DOWNLOAD Set 1-6

        Have fun with your Quake,