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What are the "control" differences between quake engines?

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  • What are the "control" differences between quake engines?

    So, a player named Sarah, which many of you probably know, always hates QW physics in Darkplaces compared to standard physics in Proquake, which is what she uses as her default.

    My question is, between all of the common engines, what are the control physics differences if there are any?

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    latency has a certain feel people are used to
    dp and qw use prediction so for those ised to the heavy feel of
    latency complain. i remember going from 150 ping to
    30 and it took me awhile to get used to
    the feeling; strafing felt Too loose. ||


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      the strafe-jumping bug actually exists in both, change your angles properly while in midair and you will accelerate in both.
      nq benefits from a wall strafing bug, where you can run faster if you're running slightly against a wall.
      qw benefits from a onground bug, where if you time it right (including just holding jump) then you will never suffer friction while bunnyhopping. combined with strafe jumping, the player can achieve stupidly high speeds (note that vanilla qwsv had a bug dubbed 'broken ankle' where occasionally spamming jumps would fail with fall damage, resulting in significant friction). Alternatives to strafe jumping include jumping down ramps/slopes or lateral rocket jumps, qw aids all types of bunnyhop through this bug.
      qw does not apply gravity while onground on a shallow enough slope, nq does. this means nq players will eventually slide down even really shadow slopes.
      qw has prediction, nq has extra lag, as r00k says.
      different engines run physics ticks at different rates, which might allow you to jump further/higher or not.

      I can't think of any other noteworthy differences right now. latency vs prediction and its resulting prediction glitches is the one that gives the biggest difference in feel.

      you might also have ended up with different configs in different engines.
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