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Need help with surface lighting

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  • Need help with surface lighting

    So I'm working on what i'll call a little 'project' for now. I'm trying to do some surface lighting, and its going well so far.

    A problem arises when I try to see the surface lit texture in a client with real-time world lighting enabled. I'll use darkplaces to showcase my problem but it is not exclusive to that client.

    With real-time world lighting off:

    With real-time world lighting on:

    It seems that with real-time world lighting the engine is ignoring the _surface aspect of the light entities and just rendering light from its source.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    if you will use darkplaces and rt and lit files, i suggest you to use a rtlight file you can edit the intensity of each light using rtlight file
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      Light a level with surface-to-surface light. The global illumination indicates that we jump direct lighting from one surface to help with assignment writing different around the level to perform the indirect lighting. By locating surfaces so they can get and transmit light, you can light a big part of a level with just one reference.