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  • Kleshik & Team Fortress

    Is there a way to get the Kleshik day/night feature as well as the flashlight and the flares into Team Fortress?

    When I have everything turned up in Darkplaces, 2tech4 for example is completely dark because of the dynamic lights or something. I've figured out what I have to disable to make it all bright again, but I wouldn't mind the Kleshik light manipulation features in there. Neither would my TF buddies. (Don't get all excited. Even though we are playing Team Fortress since 1997, we are hardly on the level you would expect us to be.)

    Be that as it may, any help would be appreciated. We obviously have no experience with modding or coding, so I'm hoping for someone to just say: "That's no problem. Give me five minutes. Here, all done! Enjoy."

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