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Trying to understand darkplaces source code

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  • Let me be honest with you:

    You do not try.
    You do not understand.
    You do not try to understand.

    You do.
    And you do.
    and you DO.
    and you do.

    Then you understand.


    • in other words, "work harder"? Working alone isn't very fun.

      this guy always talks like that?


      • I think Chaos's post was referring to the same thing that has been said by Spike, Baker and myself... stop reading and start writing. However, at this point I think people should just accept that what you are doing here is what you are going to do, even if you are the only one that doesn't realize that this is never going anywhere. Memorizing an engine is a terrible waste of time, bro. I doubt any engine has ever been made with this method.

        This isn't like history or math. Your needs will be solely determined by your method and there are numerous methods. Do you intend to completely rewrite DP? If so, Why? I'm pretty sure all modern engines were originated from outdated engines by understanding a basic Quake system and implementing modern technology within it.

        You should be learning like Joe quake or something bare bones like that and on the side learning gl or vulkan or some other rendering solution and merging your understanding of these things.

        In short you are using DP to learn everything and nobody said that DP was any kind of way definitive in the first place. By observation it would seem you have to write ents just to fix zfighting. If that is how it seems then you are memorizing an engine that doesn't even have a decent solution to a very old and we'll understood problem. Manually moving every fight by 1 unit is nonsense. I mean really, fixing z fighting by reprogramming every map externally should be at best a last ditch solution to fall back on and you mostly should never have to fall back on it. Maybe it is. I bet you could tell us.
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        • I don't think I should write more code. There already is too much of code around, I should digest and simplify existing one. Why should I grow this thing if it's already this hard to read?

          Not going to learn vulkan, I'm targeting cheap and old computers.

          manual fixing of z-fighting was made in quakespasm, not darkplaces.It's probably a better solution actually, fixing the levels and level compilers instead of adding something in the engine. I have no idea though.


          • He doesn't want to the QuakeC tutorials. He thinks the engine contains the game logic. He also thinks the key behaviors are hardcoded in the engine, he doesn't seem to understand what a config.cfg is.

            Anyway, I pointed this all out super, super early. Usually within 3 replies, I can sort out winners from the hopeless.

            Fair or not fair, this guy has lots of bad habits like not listening and bad plans --- plus seems to not value his own time.

            But you have to understand people that don't value their own time ---
            1) Don't value yours either.
            2) Don't expect results
            3) Don't adapt -- stick with plans that don't pay off.

            Perfect storm of fail. And it's all his choice too. It is nice to see he is using an IDE.

            Since this guy doesn't value your time (because he doesn't value his own), he isn't interested in something like doing the QuakeC tutorials --- the one thing that would set him on the right track.

            Anyway, nice to see that my predictions are so on the mark. I called this out for a train wreck super early, which was kind because it offered this fellow an opportunity to read a wake up call full of good advice -- which didn't help and I knew it wouldn't --- but I gave him a couple of loud and clear opportunities to right his ship. Additionally, he can't claim no one didn't tell him loud and clear what he was doing wrong, hahaha ;-)

            Baker: Told him the right thing to do in an early post (QuakeC tutorials)
            Baker: 2 very rude loud and clear "here is why it isn't working" posts (you can't say no one didn't tell him)

            Baker +100 points!!! I can identify train wrecks far faster than other people.

            Today: How many QuakeC tutorials has this guy done? It's still ZERO.

            (He doesn't want to do them. The one thing that would help him the most is the thing he is unwilling to do! Anyway, I've known a lot of bad developers and usually if they knew less they would get more done. A middle school kid would achieve more faster than this fellow because this guy thinks -- and then ignores advice ---- where a 10-year old would just follow the advice. Life is funny like that.)

            How much time has the guy wasted with nothing to show for it now? I don't think it has been half a year quite yet.

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            • who cares about quakec, it's 2017


              • Originally posted by vibok View Post
                who cares about quakec, it's 2017
                Seriously? That's your response? Then let's take your logic and run with it:

                Who cares about the Quake engine, it's 2017.

                Who cares about C, it's 2017.

                Who cares about coding an engine, it's 2017. Go grab Unity and be done with it.
                'Replacement Player Models' Project


                • yep


                  • oh i worked so hard today, it's such a shock


                    • maybe if I'll spam this thread for another month, he will pop up with his "read quakec tutorials". He didn't read me or something. I know it's hard to read 10 pages of this trash, but damn it.


                      • Originally posted by vibok View Post
                        maybe if I'll spam this thread for another month, he will pop up with his "read quakec tutorials".
                        I wouldn't count on it. That would equate to him giving you helpful and correct advice, and that ship has likely sailed.
                        'Replacement Player Models' Project


                        • Haha, no. No way he will leave that easily.


                          • Originally posted by Baker View Post
                            Anyway, I pointed this all out super, super early. Usually within 3 replies, I can sort out winners from the hopeless.
                            Baker, am I hopeless? Here is my game/mod/standalone/fork:
                   ( )

                            ( Note: Game spans 2 DVDs )
                            ( Volume1: )
                            ( Volume2: )

                            I've been working on it for years!
                            And I don't even know the engine !
                            (I want more max ents and "model cutting" (setting limit planes on entities, with fill))

                            I also do music!!!!! etc


                            • Oh and I want it ported back to the 2013 January version of Darkplaces that I use (past that date DP doesn't render some things correctly on "old" intel boxen: very racist against poor people in muslim countries"