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Trying to understand darkplaces source code

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    I read the "c++ for dummies version" on Wikipedia which seemed to agree with what I said within the main paragraph.

    Static Function Members. By declaring a function member as static, you make it independent of any particular object of the class. A static member function can be called even if no objects of the class exist and the static functions are accessed using only the class name and the scope resolution operator
    I do not doubt your much more technical explanation as, I do not really program in cpp. I can mostly just read it.
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      @local scope wouldn't mean much otherwise

      In the languages I program in which support static the scope is limited to the class that contains the static and any class that imports it so, it's not entirely global but it isn't "private" either. Maybe more like protected or some kind of jacked up using but, we both know I am using those terms very loosely here.

      Edit... Obviously I am referring to public static. Private and protected statics are of course only local or also local to sub classes, respectively.
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        In quakespasm, Windows/QuakeSpasm.rc

        #include <winresrc.h>
        icon ICON "QuakeSpasm.ico"
        Can't find winresrc.h anywhere.

        Yeah, it's safe to delete the first line, confirmed.
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          Tried to compile FTE, it prints "svnversion: command not found".

          Tried to "make win32", it says "no such target".

          I'll leave it at that for today, any hints are welcome.


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            from a cygwin shell:
            cd engine && make gl-rel FTE_TARGET=win32 && release/fteglqw.exe -basedir c:/games/quake

            if the svnversion program isn't installed then fte will display the build date+time instead of the svn version.
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              darkplaces, here is my butchered makefile. It now can only build on windows, and can only build client, but hopefully it's easier to understand.


              it needs a bit more work still


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                TortoiseSVN shows that the last revision of darkplaces is r12334, but is that really the last one? Maybe I'm clicking the wrong thing. Really nothing new since April 26?


                Also, do I need to email somebody to commit something in there? Or can I just commit?


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                  April 2017 is the latest beta but there are daily autobuilds.
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                    running darkplaces with -nohome once will result in it always using the folder dir instead of Saved Games dir. Not sure how to undo this now.

                    read fs.c, search for "-nohome"

                    fte behaves simularly btw.


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                      when I alt-tab out of it, it keeps drawing. I can notice it because my computer starts heating.


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                        Thought I disabled the libjpeg.dll, but it was actually loaded from GtkSharp, and then from mingw directory. Only noticed it after looking at ollydbg log.

                        libjpeg indeed is only for saving screenshots. Without libjpeg, darkplaces saves screenshots as tga, they are 20 times larger than jpg. 3MiB vs 150KiB. libjpeg-8.dll itself is 200 KiB.

                        Tried uncommenting D3D?=1 in makefile, don't see much difference. It even prints "opengl driver loaded" or something in the game. I guess I'll ignore D3D for now, and by that I mean delete.


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                          libpng and zlib1 are still loaded from unrelated folder, weird as hell. Always though they can only be loaded from folder with program and system32 folder. Can't find explanation here

                          There are also a bunch of dll I don't understand, and one with "invalid or compressed Image Export Directory". I have no choice but ignore them for now.


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                            I'm dumb, that folder was in the PATH.

                            Looks like you have to reload before any change in the PATH takes effect.

                            Now I need to find where in the source the dlopen happens, and disable it. I need to try deathmatch before that.


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                                I was wondering when you are going to show up.