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Welcome to the all new! The web site has been moved to a brand new web host, and the site software (vBulletin) has been upgraded to the most recent version. All previous data, including users and posts, has been converted over to the new version of the site.

We are still in the process of updating the site look and feel. We hope to have this updated shortly. In the meantime we have simply launched the site with the default software templates so as to not keep the site down any longer.

Until we get the site back up and running as it was before, please use to find game server stats.

If you find any issues with anything on, please let us know in the Site Feedback Forum.

Thanks for your patience!

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  • CONTENT_TYPE question

    What is CONTENT_SKY and CONTENT_EMPTY supposed to represent?

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    sky is something like water in quake. weaker than solid, but stronger than 'outside' (which gets replaced by solid after the bsp tree is build).
    sky brushes thus end up as thin volumes on the edge of your map, allowing projectiles to enter them without the client seeing the explosions etc (unfortunately players can enter the volumes too [water!], so try to keep them <=16qu thick if that's a risk).
    the qc detects the contents and just disables the particles, which is its attempt to make the missile appear to vanish on the horizon or whatever... quake maps are not infinite.

    empty is merely the absence of other content types (empty parts 'outside' the map will get replaced by solid, which reduces the number of surfaces+leafs needed, simplifying the bsp).
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