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Quake 10th Anniversary

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  • Quake 10th Anniversary

    Originally posted by Yellow No. 5
    Quake 10 year anniversay is coming up in a few months, perhaps they'll make annnouncement .
    Announcement Created!

    I suggest we ask our employers/teachers if we can have the day off for a Quake Event of the Century!

    I'll be at (match-mode).

    My bet that Yellow will be in

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    If I'm not at work, I'll most likely be chilling on


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      Quake Bash at Quake.Intertex.Net,

      Plenty of Slow Roasted Gibs, Fork Tender Frags, and a few DeepFriedNewbies..
      constant old time action and around midnight we're gonna play a game of old hide and seek on e4m3... ||


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        HIDE AND SEEK!!! It is very fun playing that on Quake actually. I am up for it!!


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          off topic but Gunter has a little TAG game on e1m1 ( If you're stuck with the hyper key for 60 seconds... BOOM


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            it's still a while away, like june


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              Baker was looking for a Slogan.. Perhaps this is a good time to come up with one?

              Kinda like..
              A Decade later.... Play it Again! ?
              Survival is more then a Decade?
              Only Die Hards survive the Decade

              I dunno.. someone will come up with something good!!
              Lifes a game.. It's time to Play!
     Pick your Poison.


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                we are working on some nice stuff for the community over at !
                We want to get a betting system so ppl get 1000 points each month and can bet those points on official games...