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    hey guys, just bought my first laptop, and you know it's Win XP. can someone explain in lamens terms on how to install and run and play and enjoy my favorite game of all time, QUAKE1

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    The (relatively) more recent boxed versions of Quake used an XP friendly installer and also installed GLQuake and WinQuake. It installs the same, and everything but q95.bat and quake.exe should work fine in XP. You can try one of the engines which is linked from this site on the sidebar, my personal favorite is DarkPlaces.
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      i have the original cd i bought in 95, will that work


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        maybe I'm pc illiterate, but I need someone to explain how to install, open, and run quake.


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          In 95? It came out in 96. However the installer from that version may not work in XP, in which case it is a bit beyond my capabilities, as I dont recall how the CD is setup.
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            First let's create a directory to where we'll be keeping quake. You can put it where ever you want and I'll just refer to it as ~/quake/

            1) Create the folder ~/quake/id1/
            2) from your Quake CD or resource, copy the two pak files (pak0.pak and pak1.pak) and paste them into your ~/quake/id1/ folder.

            At this point you have the entire game in that directory and now you just have to get yourself a quake engine to run the game. You can use any of the defaults that come with the CD but I really recommend getting ProQuake (GLquake over Winquake if you can support it). I suggest this because ProQuake fixed most of the bugs caused in GLquake.

            So now put the engine in your ~/quake/ folder and you should be ready to role. The game should run so try it and if you run into any problem just come back here

            good luck


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              d_law930, one option if you can't get your CD to work in XP is the following:

              1. Install FreeQuake at


              This installs the proper Quake files and creates shortcuts and is Win XP compatible, except that it is the shareware version and therefore doesn't have pak1.pak. The difference between the shareware version and the registered version, a single file named pak1.pak that goes in quake\id1

              Pak1.pak is part of registered Quake so we can't provide that. You'd have to find that on the internet, get that off your cd or get it from a friend.
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                I have the original boxed CD and it runs fine using glquake.


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                  The problem is installing Quake from the CD installer. The installer is for DOS and XP does not run DOS. You'll need to manually install Quake like Canadian*Sniper posted.


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                    My original CD executable did not work either. It did install though. My CD didn't come with winquake or glquake, just plain ole' quake.exe I think.


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                      My original CD worked fine on my laptop.. but on another machine it didn't and I had to open the cd rom and just copy those files into a folder I made in the C Drive.. the folder name I kept as Quake.. so that when I go to install mods it is still.. C:Quake\whatever you can NOT use the q95.bat to start your game and will need one of the exe's listed above. That is the only hitch.

                      If that doesn't work.. Let us know.. I'm sure one of us will get you thru it.
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                        Just to elaborate on the "put the engine in your quake folder" part:

                        1. Get the .pak file(s) (from the shareware or the CD)

                        2. Make the C:\Quake directory
                        3. Make a Quake\id1 directory and put the .pak file(s) there

                        4. Download something like Proquake or Joequake
                        5. Put the downloaded file in your Quake directory and unzip it there.
                        It will give you some .exes (one for GL, one for software version ...)

                        Directory structure of Quake if you did everything right:

                        A. The game data from id (pakfiles)

                        C:\Quake\id1 <-- the pak files go here
                        C:\Quake\id1\pak1.pak <-- only difference between shareware and full

                        B. The engine you download (a zip file from the net)

                        C:\Quake\joequake.exe <-- whatever engine (exe) you prefer
                        C:\Quake\joequake <-- engineīs data directory

                        Thatīs all.
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