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Anyone Else Only Play Quake?

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  • Anyone Else Only Play Quake?

    I don't mean as in "Quake is the only game I play". I just mean play Quake rather than map, mod or code for it? Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm the only one in that boat here.

    So, anyone only a Quake player?

    *Prepares to see nothing but tumbleweed in the thread...*
    I got the phone call at 4 a.m.

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    Believe me you are not the only one who doesn't produce content. I played Q1SP off and on for many years, but lately I grew disillusioned with the lack of creativity in modern games and got into mapping for Quake. One has to only look at the number of downloads of custom Quake maps to see that many people are playing the game compared to the handful that are making maps/mods.

    Quake is over 20 years old and the tools available are getting better, but are still frustrating. With engines like Unity and Unreal 4 available for free, it can seem "pointless" to make content for Quake in this day. But, the number of fans out there still playing and commenting on the maps makes it more rewarding to keep working on them.


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      Well, this year, I installed Quake 1 just so I could make maps for it. Then I started mapping and I got locked up by other projects. During my break from mapping overall, I decided to complete Quake 1 (soon after completing Quake 2. Yes, I complete the latter game in the series and then the first ones xd), so I guess I could be a Quake 1-only player now. I've also had some fun with bots in Quake 1 multiplayer recently. XD

      I can't wait to return to mapping, though. I've picked up some useful skills since the last time I had mapped for it. After all, my WiP map looks so empty and is totally unfinished, now that I think of it.

      Also, the Quake community is still far, far from dead. Compare it to the one for Far Cry 1. Marginal difference, no?
      As long as the game is not dead, there will be modders for it, as well as players. That's pretty much what kept Quake alive to this day, I assume. Modders make content, players play the content. The cycle repeats. Of course, some modders just like to take a rest from all of that and play something someone else made, and/or to play the original game itself. And that's pretty much what happened to me.
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