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Quake color palette for GIMP

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  • Quake color palette for GIMP

    Well, I made it since it didn't exist.

    Here you go!

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    This is also useful for anyone editing textures in any program that needs .gpl. I'm using mtPaint which doesn't use some of the more common qpalette formats. I created my own .gpl file by entering all the hex codes for the palette. Took me forever. I wish you could have made this earlier


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      Took no effort actually. I found a collection of palette files for quake, which none of them were .gpl. Turns out that one of the palette files has a similar notation to .gpl files, so I changed it around a bit, and made that .gpl. Thank god I didn't have to do that color by color.


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        Fantastic! Never even thought of this. Thanks.
        'Replacement Player Models' Project