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Rationale for 72 FPS limit

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  • Rationale for 72 FPS limit

    So this number is obviously significant for anyone intending to get the best out of Quake, and to those who are trying to understand the engine.
    But why is the hard FPS cap set at the seemingly arbitrary number of 72? 70 would have made sense, for that was the refresh rate of the common VGA low-res mode that served as an alternative to the conventional 60Hz 480p. The only meaningful property of 72 I can think of is that it's a multiple of the cinema-standard 24 FPS, but that seems like quite a stretch as a justification.

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    Where you heard that? Everything above 60 is silly, everything above 30 even.


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      Originally posted by vibok View Post
      Where you heard that? Everything above 60 is silly, everything above 30 even.
      You don't have a 144hz monitor. I can absolutely see a difference.

      Also I have owned Sony CRTs that had a 72hz refresh rate. It was a setting back then for some pro monitors. I think it was for 1024x768
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        Setting the server and client FPS to 90 makes you feel like you're there "in real life". At 30 it's just like you're watching a movie.


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          I was under the impression that ye olde ancient CRT monitors had MUCH MUCH higher refresh rates than even 100 per second, and the flat panels were such an improved technology because of the lower refresh rates and thus less power consumption. For a while, top tier FPS players were using CRT's even when they weren't being made anymore because it was desirable to have the higher refresh rate.


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            Did a little reading around the web. Looks like the engine physics are coded in a way that works best with 72 fps. Anything above may result in odd physics behavior. You'll have to ask an engine guy like spike or r00k to get a real answer though.
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              Anything below too. I recently watched Ionous' Twitch stream of Ter Shibboleth and a func_train didn't work properly because of lower framerate.
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