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Self-Plugging time again (new project)

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  • Self-Plugging time again (new project)

    So, I have been wanting to make a stand alone game using the Quake engine, and recently I did. Some of you have heard mentions of it from me when asking questions.

    It's called Sling, and it was made in the QuakeSpasm engine. It's a platformer game that focuses on controlling your momentum through two gameplay mechanics, slinging and switching. Slinging is pretty simple, it propels you in the direction you are looking in. Switching allows you to take your current momentum and change it in the direction you are looking, so for example, you can be falling, and transfer that momentum to propel you upward. I may make a video showcasing it. The objective is to get through the maps as fast as possible.
    There aren't many maps right now, so if you decide to try it prepare to be disappointed. I don't have any precompiled binaries for windows or linux right now, but I will figure that out shortly after I post this. Please look at the github to learn more details.

    Thanks for looking at my stupid shit.
    sling - A cross-platform momentum based first-person speedrunning/puzzle game made in the quakespasm engine. May or may not hurt your eyes.

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    Here be the downloads. I can't support 32 bit machines right now, but there are Windows and Linux binaries available:


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      So it's a physics-racing game. Nice idea! I will have a look at it :-)
      I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
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        Ok, it's more like a parcour. But it is fun and i can imagine some cool puzzle-levels with these mechanics. Maybe you would like to link the start map directly to the tut.bsp. It remembers me of the "Slide" mod and portal. I already see levels with moving platforms, walls, teleporters and windtunnels in combination. if you work this out, it can become a damn entertaining thing! But that shouldn't be news for you. Oh - and i like the player model :-)
        I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
        My little gore mod :


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          TheKillingJoke Ah, so you have met the protagonist, black-cube? I could have left nothing, but in the early stages of messing with this stuff, I didn't realize that I could set the playermodel to nothing. I kept it in because I am lazy.

          Anyway, thanks for your feedback! I am trying to find people that would like to make a map or two for me, it would really help me out, as I am the only one making this right now. If you are interested, please let me know.

          The next big thing I am going to do is change the textures around again to have a mixture of the current aesthetic, and the aesthetic on level 6. The red and black is a little too harsh, and I think a black on white with some dirtmapping would be a lot easier to look at. I have also asked ericw about getting rid of the need of a pak file for simplicity's sake. Hopefully he will get back to me on that.

          I also need to redo the tutorial, as it's complete trash right now. I made it like in two days, and the purpose of it was to easily show my friends how it works without me directly showing them.

          The charge sound is also out of sync with the actual charge of the sling, so I will have to mess with the sounds too.


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            Latest version with less harsh colors and easier to look at maps: