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My menus. Show your Quake Mod's menus (shows your powerlevel)

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  • My menus. Show your Quake Mod's menus (shows your powerlevel)

    Starting weapons Menu:

    Check that out. What do you think of the amount there? (If anyone thought I was lying about the 168 weapons!)

    How about a mounted gun Menu:

    Think of spawning these into your Quake One map, baby!

    How about a VEHICLES mmMen-U:

    Not feeling vehicles. To normie for u?
    For wizards, we have MENU(aru)!:

    So now the wor is on fire with your scptre of flame, while you gatling gun down anyone looking at your dataru, while you effortlessly snipe with your composite bow (frags from guns do not sufficiently underline your greatness).

    Is there a greater menaru?

    One that it is more.
    That trancends the map, and bends it to


    Here's a bunch of other images too for prettyness.

    Show your menus!
    (ps: the menus were screenshotted because I had to write an explaination in: )

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    Anyone else going to show their menus?
    I posted mine to show all the weapons and features the game has!.
    You can play quake with it all.