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But Seriously, Is Anyone Curious About Sbdm?

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  • But Seriously, Is Anyone Curious About Sbdm?

    I really want some feedback on the whole thing, so hear me out:

    If you want to try it, my server is always up on the darkplaces list, therefore please use darkplaces. The hostname is "Specialbombs rasberry-pi DM" on the list.

    Start it up on your own servers and try it out with some friends.

    Pro players, you are my best bet on feedback, so please think hard.

    Also, please note that this mod refuses to work on singleplayer, so you will unfortunately have to start an external server through commands. This is why I am hosting it myself.

    To download it, you can clone this github here:
    The github repository has it precompiled, so don't worry about needing to do it yourself.

    Here is a good video showing most features:
    sbdm Demo 2

    And finally, here are the current changes:



    sbdm, or SpecialBomb's Death Match, is a mod that is aimed at making all of the weapons useful in their own way. For example, if you had the Nailgun, and got the Super Nailgun, why would you want to use the Nailgun anymore? This mod tries to fix that. It also adds more ways to move, and adds different ways of playing.

    Weapon Changes

    +The Axe now does 80 damage, making it a viable melee weapon.

    +The Nailgun now throws nails, and they stick to the map. If they are touched by a player, they get damaged by it. The nails last a minute until they disappear, and can be destroyed using explosives.

    +The Shotgun is now infinitly accurate, and does more damage. This is useful in long range encounters with enemies.

    +The Double-Barreled Shotgun has a much larger square spread rather than a rectangular one, and does more damage. It also has kickback, which can be used for stopping in midair, or boosting jumps.

    +The Super Nailgun no longer shoots nails, but rather acts like the Doom Chaingun.

    +The lightning gun now acts very differently. You hold down you attack button to charge it, and you let go to fire. The more ammo and the longer you charge for, it will do more damage. It will use a max of 25 cells.

    Gameplay Changes

    +The Quad and Ring now drop on death. (needs improving)

    +There is no longer any automatic weapon switching, besides on low ammo.

    +Instagib axes can be enabled with "deathmatch 3". Disables item pickups, and spawns player with only an axe. The axe will do 1000 damage.

    +Random spawns. (needs improving)

    +Grenades aren't random.

    +Rocket impact damage is always 120.

    +Players won't keep weapons, ammo, health, and armor when changing levels.

    +If someone were to hit you, and you fall into water, slime, or lava and die within 3 seconds, a frag will go to the attacker. (Essentially, you push someone into lava, you get a frag).

    +Walljumping! (see below)

    Other Changes

    +You can look at a player to see their name.

    +Drowning doesn't damage armor. (might not be working)

    Other things will be added at some point.


    To do walljumps, bind a key (perferrably mouse2) to "impulse 30." Using the bound key while your back is facing towards a wall, you will jump in the direction you are looking in. This can be useful for finding combos in maps that let you get around quicker than usual. Practice a bit to get used to it, because nothing will happen if you jump at the wrong angle. You can only walljump 3 times until you have to touch the ground again.

    Thank you, I have worked pretty hard on this, so I appreciate any criticism.

    Note to Baker: I don't care if the Lightning Gun works like the Gauss Gun in Half-Life, I noticed that after I coded it in. Just saying.

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    I still feel like the walljumps should allow you to jump sideways off walls, and not require the player to be facing in the opposite direction, but instead provide a variable amount of boost depending on the angle. And probably fall off dramatically after only a short range of angles, to effectively press players into a "sweet spot" where only the most accurate "mid-air re-angling" is effective mid-combat...
    I mean, this is mostly because I can't hack walljumping with my ass cheeks, and am more used to the sideways wall-jumping from the "MoFo with a shotgun" mod for Xonotic servers (affiliated with the SMB mod servers, from what I gathered... ) but I like the idea of having different walljump capabilities using the same action (and the same key binding as a result).

    Will there be alt-fire?
    I would much prefer being able to add alternate fire modes (equivalently balanced, no less) to the full 8 weapons. Just to throw in a more "diverse range of proportions" without being too niche in having a lot of options at once.

    If it were me, and I had a similar mod, I would make the primary fire of the 8 standard Quake weapons balanced with each other in total damage output per second as well as having different relative uses per situation... and then put the... alt-fire for each as the one that serves a different type of function (as a Quake weapon) altogether.
    Think about making the Thunderbolt fire at shorter intervals with lower damage per shot in its primary fire, and then your "charge-up method" being its alt-fire... putting the "sticking nails" as an alt-fire method for the nailgun that uses twice the nails, but rebalancing the nailgun for higher-accuracy primary fire than the Chaingun's primary... giving the chaingun's secondary fire nails that repel off of walls in conventional "gatling gun" fashion and further differentiating the grenades from the rockets by giving the grenade launcher more direct control over "where the grenades will go" than the rocket launcher has direct control over "where the rockets will go" but retaining the rocket launcher's advantage of firing straight projectiles rather than arced, wall-bouncing ones... or just, you know, make the primary fire rockets curve slightly downwards but at like a really, really, really slow fall rate so they aren't quite as effective for covering long distances as a nailgun or even as a shotgun... but then, with your grenade launcher, its ability to bounce grenades off of walls goes hand in hand with increased grenade launcher firing accuracy, rather than somehow being "balanced" instead by "trading wall-bouncing for straight directional projectiles".