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How to make a Quake fan game while avoiding cease and desist from Zenimax?

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  • How to make a Quake fan game while avoiding cease and desist from Zenimax?

    I am entertaining the idea of using Unity to make a fan Quake game, but after Doom RL was shut down I am thinking about ways to prevent this. Obviously they aren't opposed to all fan made projects since they celebrated Doom 64 which uses assets from the Doom 64 ROM which aren't even included in the PC version.

    My idea here is to create a fan game in Unity that uses both new assets as well as assets found in the original PAK files, and avoid a cease and desist by making it so that you can't run the game without owning said PAK files since without them Unity won't be able to get all the files it needs for the game to run. Things like Audio assets and music.

    Would this be enough to avoid a cease and desist from zenimax? I mean if you NEED to have the original game files then technically it's more of a fancy source port with some new assets rather than a standalone Quake game.

    EDIT: Or heck, why not just use Unity to create an actual full port while we are at it? All that would really be needed is to find some way to convert the levels. The models will be replaced anyway so the old model format won't matter so only levels would have to be converted.
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    Hi HG,
    Just in case it helps, or gives you a little inspiration, if you look at the linked post Seven has added in a few vids of someone who is already doing alot of what you have described in Unity and apparently has that original Quake feel. Another thing you could look at is the Noesis app what can easily convert the older bsp maps to something like FBX format which can then be modified in Blender, etc.

    Good luck and kind regards
    Hi there, Like quite a number of players I've always been a fan of using custom maps to keep Quake interested and "fresh". As part of my humble and very
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      Here's an op strategy, call it "Not Quake so please don't sue me"


      NQSPDSM for short

      let me know how it goes
      wew lad