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Question about texture modification for vanilla Quake (non-source port)

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  • Question about texture modification for vanilla Quake (non-source port)

    Hello - new here,

    Please bear with my newb question. I've never modified Quake before until recently when I decided I wanted to try swapping out some level textures (walls, floors, etc) from the game - not HD textures - same size textures with different content. After a bit of trial and error and much Googling, I have successfully swapped out textures from various maps included in the base game using Adquedit and TexMex. This required modifying the map BSP files within the PAK0.pak and PAK1.pak files after unpacking them and then repacking everything once done. So a couple questions:

    - Without using a source port, is this the proper way to make modifications to textures within the vanilla Quake game (no source port)? Is there a way to have texture overrides without having to modify the original PAK0/PAK1 files themselves?
    - Also, I noticed that my modifications only took effect in WinQuake, DOSQuake and other source ports (Mark V Quake) but GLQuake did not show my modifications. What is the reason for this?

    Anyway, I'm still learning the ropes here. Cheers and thanks!