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Active Quake 1 MP community looking for players.

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  • Active Quake 1 MP community looking for players.

    Hey guys we are The U.S. Quake Community we are hosting multiple events a week for Quake, Quake 3, and Doom. I know you guys are out there looking all over the web for where to play Quake. This is it. Come join us at

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    I don't think anybody is looking all over the web for where to play. There are plenty of established servers that numerous members have been playing at for years. I'm not saying that nobody wants to check out your server. I'm just saying that it is highly unlikely that there is some notable amount of people looking for Quake servers. This fact is further evidenced by the fact that most of the time the well-known/established servers are empty.

    If you can do better than 4 sentences about it you can come post on my site regarding your server and probably get a lot more attention. I don't know if you noticed but, this place is not maintained, active or popular.

    Registration at my site is not automatic. I have to approve you (and I will ... maybe immediately, if you register while I am near a computer). It's like that cause I have a zero spam policy and it is very effective.

    @better than 4 sentences
    Do you have a logo? What mod is your server running? What is the map rotation? What is the connection address? Do you have scheduled games/tournaments? If so, what is the schedule? 4 sentences and a discord link is as good as saying "ignore me". It's just true. You have to drag people in with content and info, bro. The more legit you make your post is the more legit you will look.

    Which one of these do you think would be more successful?

    I made a thing click


    I invented a new product. It's fucking awesome. Here are some of the features:

    1) a feature
    2) the next feature
    3) another feature
    4) extra feature

    My product is only available til A_DATE so, I wouldn't waste a bunch of time if you have an interest in it. You can click here to see the product in action right now or go to our facebook page and see what others are saying. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee with no questions asked cause we know you will be satisfied.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my product.

    Edit: I just noticed that you posted an event schedule as a different thread. Bad decision. That info should be in THIS post. Now, aside from everything I just said you are spreading all of your info around and there is no way for you to be guaranteed that your audience has all of the info. All of your data should be collected into one thread and however much of it that never changes should all be in the original post. Imagine if I gave you the top half of a flier for a gig my band is playing and you had to hear it from some 3rd party that the other half of the flier is somewhere down the street. Now imagine that the half that is down the street is the part that says when and where my band is playing.

    This is common sense, brother. I know I'm raw. I don't mean you any harm. I'm trying to help you but, at the same time it seems kind of silly to me that you think "ripping up your low-info band flier and throwing it in the air" is some kind of excellent plan. Let there be no doubt ... you have a product but, you are treating it like a "to be continued" classified ad with a letter budget.
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      I agree with you. There are many other plans to looking for players which is smarter than this. you are wasting your time


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        ya we fill ctf server every sunday. lol come by.


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          How many old schoolers be here? Any SNS? ITS BEEN AGES LOOKING FOR FAMILIAR FACES!


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            Originally posted by NO1Z View Post
            How many old schoolers be here? Any SNS? ITS BEEN AGES LOOKING FOR FAMILIAR FACES!
            Hello noiz, a lot of oldschoolers.

            Come talk to us at: