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what is video downloader?

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  • what is video downloader?

    What is a Video Downloader interface consists of a single window that contains all its tools. When you launch the program, it scans your internet browser and compiles a list of all the videos that appear on the websites you visit. Each entry lists all the resolutions available for that video. All you have to do is select which video you want to download, and the program transfers it onto your hard drive. If you donít want the program to compile this list, you can turn the feature off.

    This video downloader also installs a browser plug-in you can use to select specific videos to download. Itís a simple white-and-blue arrow icon that sits at the top of your browserís tool bar. When you come across a video you want to download, you just click the arrow and the video starts downloading. Video Downloader Ultimateís two downloading methods are as straightforward as those used by any program we compared.

    However, that isnít enough to put this software in the top tier. Though it can turn a video file into an MP3, youtube video downloader canít convert downloads from one video format to another. This may be frustrating since not every media player can play all video formats. The best products we reviewed can convert an MP4 into an MOV, AVI, WMV and more.