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Is there some way to download all the quake mods from Quaddicted at once?

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  • Is there some way to download all the quake mods from Quaddicted at once?

    Rather than downloading them individually.

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    I doubt it.


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      Yes and no. Technically my "everything app" was capable of this BUT I never publicly released it and I have no intention of ever doing so. Even my app that was the precursor and inspiration to the "everything app" had this ability.

      It would not be complicated for you to make it yourself. Simply make a script that traverses all of the appropriate directories for quaddicted's file dump, add an extension filter so it will only get (ex) .zip files and use a NetStream or language equivalent to copy the files to a local directory. If you know your stuff you could probably spin this script in 50 lines or less.

      You could even probably copy/paste the entire script together from tutorials that explain the individual parts and make very simple customizations, like pointing the script at quaddicted. Don't use JavaScript. The cross origin requests will fight you the entire way without some tricky PHP, and at that point the JavaScript is a useless layer.

      I mean, you could use JS but, you would have to get the info as the entire page HTML and use an XML parser to parse out all the href properties of the a tag. That by itself is probably more code than the entire thing by not doing it that way.
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        You could use JavaScript serverside, and not deal with any CORS - in fact I've done this here:

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          If all the files are in the same directory and you know the path to it then I seem to recall wget might do this for you but you would have to experiment with it

          You might be also able to implement your own version of the following powershell script..

          Hope this helps

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            Now, I'm no expert, but you may be able to find some black magic in the depths of the wget manpage.

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