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    I usually didn't have much problems when I posted *.gif files.
    Now I see them appear as little small pictures without movement.
    Has there happened something in the back up of the site?
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, older posts still stand clear.
    When I add image it isn't regonized, when I upload neither.
    invalid url, while the file is just there.

    Now I'm here with the billboard of my server account.
    And two slashes with a weird double count

    Error Please enter valid url.

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    well, I think it is just the fact I can't use moving gifs anymore.
    Some strange restriction of the new site php.
    Sad, because the old ones still move.

    But, glad with the new look of the site.
    That's more the old QuakeOne guidance.
    Can put my sunglasses away now.

    This toppic can be closed now.


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      bbcode test

      If I edit this post it plays but it doesn't when the page loads. I did a quick inspection of the element and I don't see anything that tells the image not to loop. Maybe it's buried in javascript.

      edit 2: I think I found the issue

      Toward the bottom of that output display you can see there is a freeze function in the class that is being applied to the image. I don't feel like digging deeper but, it's probably safe to say that the freeze function is being applied to gif images. If we assume I am correct, it is safe to say that gifs are not broken. They are suppressed.
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        So it's just a lak of coding they won't move?
        How come older gifs Do work?



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          This forum software is just trash My avatar doesn't even show up


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            @So it's just a lak of coding they won't move? How come older gifs Do work?

            It's not a lack of coding, it's an excess of it. Older gifs probably work because they don't have the classname that the new system gives images which triggers the freeze command.

            @ trash

            This software is not free so, it needs to compete with completely free software that powers literally 1/3 of the entire internet. If this was garbage, VB would have been out of business long ago as their consumer base completely dropped out for more economical solutions that do not suck. That means that this software must actually be pretty damn good so, the problem is the people using it and their level of knowledge/proactivity. I know you are doing everything you can with the limited privileges you have so, my last sentence is not a slight towards you. I spent over a year actively maintaining and evolving a mega-site with excessive features, security and plug-ins. I know first-hand the difference between "shitty software" and "shitty maintainer". I also know first hand how many THOUSANDS of hours it takes to remove the "shitty" excuse/fact (depending on what you are applying it to) from the equation. I'll believe VB is shitty when someone that knows every single inch of it says so. Until then, it's really about not having the proper knowledge and/or privileges to properly configure/use the system. Again, not a slight towards you ... more of a blanket fact that I am even applying to myself from when I first started with WP.
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              MadGypsy I can understand that my response might seem like a knee jerk reaction to the little bit I've dealt with VB5 over the past few weeks. I'll try to backup that assertion a little bit.

              I base my claim on the fact the lead designers of this forum software left to create XenForum in 2010 - two years before VB5 was released. I can only assume that a lot of talent left in that time since VB5 release itself was very rocky:

              Jelsoft enterprises (sold VB5) went out of business in 2013: Guess VB5 didn't meet expectations and they did lose consumer base.

              I've been in development for a while, I've worked on plenty of greenfield and legacy applications to know what happens when software rots and time passes. After going through countless templates, css files, and their admin interface with their "Easy Style Variables", I can tell this forum has that smelly rotten code smell - if you've ever worked on legacy software, you know what I'm talking about. I agree, I haven't been in the weeds or seen the code, but this thing reeks of an old codebase that has had countless features slapped on in order to "modernize" and compete with others in the market.

              Sole and I are evaluating a replacement (IPB), and it's night and day compared to this.


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                Efess Well said. If I could say things as eloquently as you I would be The Leader Of The Formerly Free Universe. Alas, my lot is to bark and snort my way through most things. I have an extensive vocabulary of barks and snorts, though ... so there's that.

                Oh, also, correction: I styled MY site to look like old quakeone over a year ago. I was wrong when I said I wrote a style for this site. That's a good thing. That means you didn't waste any of your time styling this site. I would have helped you do it, if asked, though.

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                  Thanks for explaining me the reason I won't try to add gif files anymore.
                  It's far beyond my hat and I wonder how you got that bbs gif moving MadGypsy.
                  That would help me posting my own.

                  Oh.., MadGypsy, I hope I have your attention now.
                  I send a private message but it fails to reach its destiny.
                  I'm waiting for a month to get aprovall to QuakeNextGen now.
                  I'm not sure why, but I have some answers to toppics I can't access.

                  Can you do something to it?