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Q2 related. I'm tryin to remember a very old....

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  • Q2 related. I'm tryin to remember a very old....

    a very old multiplayer cheatcode!
    yes, that's what it is, as controverse as this request may look like.

    one of my most handicappin issues in life is that I gotta write down my stuff, whether it's a phone number, a note, or whatever... and so I suffered the same faith when it comes to videogames. :\
    I love keeping track of videogame goodies, files, etc.. I'm highly fascinated by the historical side of things, backstories, and so, even console codes pertain to my personal documentation of things, but it's a cheat code that I need to ask for in this specific case.

    of course it was a very lame cheat code for Quake 2, I don't even really like talking about it, but it stresses me out to be unable to rewind back my memories and remember it myself, so 14 years later precisely I need someone to help me out with this one. it's been so many years now that it's getting more selective everyday to find an old head to ask this stuff to.

    now I don't really like promoting what that cheat code used to do, but it had lots to do with the game score during multiplayer matches!
    it's more of a battle between me and my faulty memories rather than a slick move to know more cheats. if somebody still has a vivid memory of console commands and multiplayer cheats for Q2, please help a brother up. :p

    thanks in advance for reading all the way through this messed up post!

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    Not sure this will help but look at dmflags section
    I briefly touched on this in my Quake 2 Manual, but I wanted to go a little more in depth about it. There is a lot that can be done in rearguards to custom launching games of Quake 2 both single and
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      Here's an upgrade to Quake2 version 3.15.
      It has some detailed cvar you can use in multiplayer.


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        thanks both you guys for coming forward! I don't feel like it's there, maybe I'll get to find out again someday.
        I'm very shocked at myself for forgetting how it worked. I'm always open at everyone that has better memory than me, so I'm leaving this here for everyone to read.

        keep enjoying Quake everyone!


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          All possible cvars for quake2:

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            Originally posted by Madfox View Post
            thanks again Madfox! I'm gonna make a backup of that guide, but I've read through it all and I don't think what I'm looking for is there.

            some cvars were specific to certain Q2 mods I believe, like typing "id" would activate the player identification display in certain mods, and that isn't listed in the guide.
            higher chance is those commands I used back in the days were specific for certain mods, or even a specific set of servers. I would be on the NGI servers, they were like be the italian subsidiary of IGN.


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              Might be best to ask the folks who run the biggest Quake2 community in North America over at Tastyspleen.


              Although if you're attempting to cheat at multiplayer on their servers,... please don't do that. You WILL get caught and either banned or forced to use Anti-Cheat.

              It would also help a lot if you could describe what this "cheat" you are looking for does.