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ChaosEsqueAnthology release 117zzzzw

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  • ChaosEsqueAnthology release 117zzzzw

    Hi. A new version has been released. I've been working on city generation using the spawn arrays I added. All buildings have interiors, and most have level-of-detail models.

    The game has over 200 weapons.
    It runs quake 1 and quake 3 maps fine (darkplaces, and the q1 entities were added to the QC)

    Tell me what you think. It's all quakeC, all free / opensource.

    (Download links are there)


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    It also has buildable buildings etc, and many maps, about half from me.


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      Download the update, there's new maps too.



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        And yes, the latest release was yesterday.


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          Version 117zzzzzi is out. I modeled an RPD and a m249 para (GPL licensed ofcourse), ingame now.
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