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Kleshik Quake Mod - Updated and on GitHub

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  • Kleshik Quake Mod - Updated and on GitHub

    Hey Guys,

    Just letting those who care know I finally got off my ass, cleaned up some bugs in my Darkplaces mod Kleshik and got it up on GitHub. I've iot some ideas that I hope to have the motivation to implement. In addition, hopefully I can get some better documentation going here.Dark

    Here's the GitHub link :

    For the record, you DO NOT need either mission pack to play Kleshik. CVars exist to use their assets if you have them. Additionally, launching Kleshik is as simple as : darkplaces -game rogue -game hipnotic -game kleshik (or if you don't have the MPs : darkplaces -game kleshik )

    You can also use the gamedir command whilst in Darkplaces, such as : gamedir rogue hipnotic kleshik , or gamedir kleshik.

    Thanks all,

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    Hello Dresk,
    great to still see you work on Kleshik