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Quakespasm mdl frame limit - quick question

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  • Quakespasm mdl frame limit - quick question

    I am working at a MOD, and I wanted it to be Quakespasm compatible.
    It involves very complex MDLs, so I need to know what's the frame limit for Quakespasm
    Cheerz, and happy holidays.

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    This is the type of question that you want to post on func or dumptruck's discord if you ever want an answer. My guess is that it's probably the same as every other Quake engine, which I believe is around 16 to 20. I don't actually remember, but I remember the number was pretty low. Interpolation is generally used to smooth out the animation.

    I also don't believe it's a max/min situation. It's just one static number. I could be wrong about a bunch of this, but I am not wrong about asking this question on func or discord if you want the real answer. You could maybe derive the answer from QME or some other Quake-specific model editor, as well. I assume that the keyframe widget of the editor would give some indication of time.
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      16 to 20?
      LOL, no, but thanks for replying.


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        I read your question completely wrong. I thought you were asking about the frame limit of the actual MDL. In other words "what are the max amount of mdl frames per second?", and that number is very low. It might not even be 16. As far as overall framerate goes that's going to be determined by the users hardware, right? So, that number is not going to do you much good. Also, why would you use a clunky format like .mdl for anything "very complex"? You realize that every frame is stored in .mdl, right? So, in a way .mdl doesn't describe 1 model. It describes 1 model * number of frames. Making that "very complex" is very inefficient.


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          I am not talking about FPS, I am talking about the total number of frames that the model can have.
          Original limit was 256 frames and 2014 verticles, but since modified engines usually expand those limits...
          Is "very complex" because it has complex animations, and thos require a lot of frames, around 1000.


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            Ooooh, that kind of frame limit. You definitely need to go to func or discord for that answer.


            I went to quakespasm site and searched some keywords in the readme. I found a performance upgrade to the mdl format, but nothing regarding enhanced limits. My search was pretty thorough. At this point I'm going to say that I've exhausted all the answers that I could possibly give.


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