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  • How can I use mods

    I've recently downloaded QSS and I had the idea of playing Your Path of Destruction, but when I put the mod files in the Quake folder, it still started the original game, can anybody please tell me what to do? THX.

    also, I downloaded QSS on MAC

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    Hi Nels,
    I'm probably very old school and there's probably a much better way of doing it, but whenever I normally play a mod I place the mod files in a dedicated directory and I create batch file to pass the quake engine the "game" or "gamedir" parameter. For example, I have a directory underneath quake called slide in which I have placed the mod files. In order to run a simple game my batch file runs the following command...
    glpro493.exe -nocdaudio -noipx -bpp 32 -winmem 128 -game slide

    Note: The nocdaudio and noipx options are just my personal taste and are not normally needed.

    It's worth noting that some of the older mods don't always have their own start map so even though you may be running the mod it just can initially just look like regular Quake. In these cases you would start your quake session as sated above and then use the "changelevel InsertLevelNameHere" command to get to the required map.
    Modern engines such as QuakeSpasm have an in game menu which allows you to easily select/change the Mod as and when you feel like it

    There are numerous threads on this topic within this forum which may help you including

    Hope this helps

    Kind regards
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