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What was your FIRST computer?

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    Linux is simple, it just takes a genious to learn it's simplicity. Linux DOESNT DO ANYTHING UNLESS YOU LOG IN AS SU AND TELL IT TO DO THINGS. Sheeeeeesh.

    windows is different. It does things in the background where you have no control over.


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      NEC 386SX/16

      16 megahurtz of raw fragging power! and 1 meg of ram!

      ran wolfenstein3d ok, and barely ran doom (you had to shrink the screen size down to like 3 inches)... didn't have a sound card, but it had a PC speaker!! ooooh yeaaaaaa!!!


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        Originally posted by QuadRaptor
        Don't know what mine was but it looked like the one C*S posted up. It didn't do much - played games like "Jumpman" and "Maze" on it from some floppy disks. You could type in commands and annoyed as hell when you couldn't figure out anything. You were able to write in like "journal" entries, but anyone else could find them easily and look at them. I remember writing something about a crush on a girl I had and my brother looked at it and made fun of me.
        A bit more info on mine. I asked my brother and he said our first computer was a 3 gig Pionex.


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          I was a mac user until 1998, a Pentium II 233 MHz with 32 mb ram. Woo, Pentium II baby. That thing still sits upstairs and is as good as ever. Eventually got a 16 MB TNT card for it which was a great card and came with Incoming!, a fun but hard game

          Before that (after the Mac Classic) was a Mac LC 575 at 33 MHz with 8 mb ram. That thing was AWESOME. It ran Pathways into Darkness, Vette, Lemmings, even Marathon. Plus all those sweet old shareware mac RPGs that everyone loved, like Taskmaker, Exile, and Realmz.Oh and who can forget Mantra by Syzygy software. That game was bleedin' awesome. Too bad Mantra II was extremely unpolished and not near the quality of Mantra, although it was a bit of fun as well. Man I was obsessed with Mantra.


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            Sajt, I still actually have an old Mac, (hmm forgot the model > after SE) but has ether net and i use it in the kitchen as a Internet box while i wait for my coffee to brew!


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              Oh I must not forget, it also played Syndicate, a dang awesome game that was.


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                I started on a apple ][ then moved to an apple][+
                I started programming on a ti-99a -first 16bit machine
                went to a vic-20 with a 300 baud modem- whooohoo <--now thats speed
                went to the commadore 64 then to a 128
                next came the amiga 512 and at that time I was using a fat-mac also.
                after that I got my first 8086 ibm and moved quickly to a 8088 digital.
                and all the way up from there - 286,386,many 486's, pentium,p2,p3,amd,
                and now I have several p4's that suck ass!

                I am thinking about going back to a timex sinclair! muhhhuhaa lol