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Gunter monster skins + Orgo bump/normal/gloss???

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  • Gunter monster skins + Orgo bump/normal/gloss???

    I noticed that the Orgo monster pk3 in the Darkplaces download section has Orgo skins that just look funny in the Darplaces engine. Skin tones are really bright white-pink and monsters really stand out (even with proper RT lighting). I don't remember them looking like this in Tenebrae all those years ago.

    Then I realized Gunter has some tweaked skins based off Orgo's that were made to work with Darkplaces. Sure enough these skins look much better in Darkplaces, but lack the bump/gloss/normal mapsfrom Orgo. I have simply combined all the Orgo maps with the better (IMO) Gunter skins into a new pk3 that works flawlessly with Darkplaces.

    Any interest in offering up this blended set in one pk3 made to work with DP? I know most folks here can figure this out and don't need a pk3 with this blended set of skins and lighting maps, but as I try to get more and more people back into Quake they tend to shy awayw hen they have to pull some files from one PK3 and mix them with another.

    FYI: This config works REALLY well with the the QRP/Plaque's pak, the rygel skin pack and his recommended settings for DP if you want something that maxes out the visual experience.

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    I'm interested. Host it somewhere


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      Sorry, I never responded to this. I haven't been around for a while (not that I'm too active here to begin with). Is anyone interested in this still? If so I'll host.


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        I am, very much, i would be grateful for hosting!


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          i cant use DP, but sure, ill make it luma mybe :'


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            Feel free to comment or tweak (assuming you have Gunter and Orgo's blessing). Also feel free to add to the quakeone files section.

            FYI: as with the regular Gunter pack, there are two ogres. Just swap names if you want to switch. The one I have at the default seems to be the more popular choice and goes with the original a bit more.

            As I mentioned this goes best with Darkplaces, Rygel's skin pack (using mostly his recommended settings) and the QRP/Plaque pack.


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              Double post
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                Some pics of what mine looks like:


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                  nice 8