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  • My registration appears to be 10 years behind this forum's prime? Google had brought me here after searching for my Quake 1 clan (Clan Orion). My aliases were Dimebag and Vicid.
    There were a few years of scanning servers for competition and to beat any rank of player I could find on dial up and then I decided it was time for my to leave Quake to live a life without mIRC and Quake.

    Currently I play Quake Champions to learn the changes in id's different style arena shooter. There isn't a search in my attempts of playing the new Quake addition to "compete" but I have been realizing after years of spectating and experience there is a huge margin for error in a lot of people's settings and control techniques for aim and muscle coordination. If somebody is interested in sparring duels or playing you may add me by alias Impulsesev.

    Good luck
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    • Hi folks!

      Dutch player from Tilburg.
      Started playing Quake 1 back in 1996 and joined many LAN events and parties between 1997-2003 at Cybergate, the local internet/LAN café.

      Mostly played QuakeWorld FFA, TDM and Q3A duels back then and as a member of the Q3A Instagib clan Sailor Scouts (USA).
      Nowadays active in QuakeWorld, Quake Live, Quake Champions and Day of Defeat: Source.
      No Q1 clan history. Only Quake 2 Weapons Factory: POW and Q3A Instagib clan Sailor Scouts (USA).