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  • Quake 1.06!

    problem: no sound!

    env variable not set..! how to fix..?

    and maps "do not spawn..!"

    how to fix, please?

    thanks a million,
    under Win 98

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    Easy! Don't use DOS Quake.


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      Your usin Windows 98?...
      Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!


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        Even on Windows 98 there are plenty of more reasonable alternatives. The only reason to use DOS Quake in 2011 is for some sick and twisted nostalgia kick. It's not faster, it's not better, you need to mess around with crap like setting your BLASTER environment variable (which I guess is the cause of this problem - but DON'T ASK ME FOR A FIX - I haven't used DOS in well over 10 years) and arcane autoexec.bat and config.sys rubbish that was last current roundabout the same time a Stegosaurus was taking a stroll through your neck of the woods, that was a total pain in the butt even back then and is an even bigger pain in the butt today. Don't even mention himem.sys and it's ilk.

        If you still MUST use it, then there should be a file called README that came with it. TECHINFO.TXT should also give some useful info. But you won't find much in the way of help for it anywhere online.
        IT LIVES!


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          And as far as maps go, look over there to your left


          It says "File Downloads", within that link are categories of certain files you should grab, Maps being one of them. I highly suggest the Map Pack, Euroquake Map Pack, and the ThreeWave files.

          Maps go into C:\Quake\ID1\maps

          UNLESS WHAT YOU DOWNLOAD IS A .PAK for maps, which will go DIRECTLY into ID1 (example: 3wave will be pak3.pak, pak4.pak, pak5.pak, just look in C:\Quake\ID1 and if you have a pak0.pak, and a pak1.pak, then make sure they all go in numerical order is all you need to do, pak2.pak, pak3.pak, pak4.pak)


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            I use Win 98 cause I can bootup in 3 seconds flat from a USB flash drive.

            @ Frenzy:

            thanks. Once a PAK#.PAK is in ID1, how does one play it?

            also, how can I register the shareware vers. nowadays..? I called
            800-IDGAMES, but the # has changed.


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              I apologize for my delayed response on this Wally.

              You don't play the pak's, but the pak's play for you

              What I mean is, the paks have inside of them, what you need to play. They are basically .zip(compressed) folders with guts. So pak1.pak may have a maps folder, models folder and pak2.pak may have a maps folder and a models folder, but each will probably be different.


              lets say pak0.pak is your default pak from ID1, it has all of the ID1 maps, and sounds, etc.

              lets say pak1.pak is another pak from ID1, with different maps, different sounds

              lets say pak2.pak is a random pak download, it just has maps in it, no sounds or anything

              lets say pak3.pak is your threewave capture the flag maps, and sounds, and models

              So you have pak0.pak, pak1.pak, pak2.pak, pak3.pak now inside of your
              Quake:\ID1 folder

              They all contain different things. Usually servers with custom maps have custom paks, and you would just download the pak, no matter what # it is, just rename it to fit in order with your existing paks.

              Playing A Pak
              I think what you may mean is to play mods that have been made? If that's not what you mean, paks are usually custom maps for servers, and just by putting them in order inside your C:\Quake\ID1, they will let you play the levels once you connect to a server or just use your console and type map mapname. As well, the "map paks" I listed in my previous post, that's what they are called indeed, but they have self-installation, so you really don't need to do anything but point them to your Quake folder.

              Running a Mod That Somebody Has Made For Offline Play
              1.)You have your Quake folder, and inside of it you have folders. You download a mod called "wally", and it includes a pak file named pak0.pak

              2.)Being that your mod is called "wally", right click inside your quake folder in an empty area, and click New->Folder and name it wally

              3.)Paste the pak0.pak into the wally folder.

              4.)Go back to your Quake folder.

              5.)Right click your Quake icon (whatever you use to start quake), and click Create Shortcut.

              6.)Go to your newly created shortcut and right click -> PROPERTIES

              7.)In the Command Line tab (at the top of your properties box), click it.

              8.)At the end of the cmd line for the .exe, usually C:\Quake\yourclient.exe add a space and -game wally

              C:\Quake\wq350.exe -game wally

              9.) This runs the game from the newly created folder you made with the pak0.pak mod in it.

              10.)Remember: If you download a MOD you run it like this to play it at home, then just start the client that you created and go into new game. If you download a mod and it's named pak2.pak and you try to run it like this, it won't work. The pak in your MOD folder has to start with pak0.pak then go up from there.

              I hope this helps, if not, let me know.

              I have sent you a private message as well vis our messaging system here. Be sure to check it.


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                thanks, my friend.

                much late response on my part

                the best results I've gotten is:

                taking a Quake official mission pack (1 and 2)

                renaming it PAK1.1, PAK 2, ETC. and putting it into the ID folder.

                that really worked for me.

                nothing else worked, oh well.


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                  DOS box!

                  unadulterated Quake, should run on dos box on any rig, otherwise, pick up a software renderer Quake engine.


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                    I still use Dos quake.