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  • Single Player Tactics

    Most of these are common knowledge, feel free to add your own:

    1. Ogres and Vores can be tricked into killing themselves. This is good when you are low on ammo.

    2. If fighting a Vore in the open, run right up to it and attack it at point blank range so the splash damage from it's attacks hurt itself as well.

    3. It is fun inducing fiends to jump off cliffs.

    4. If you want to announce your presense to a nearby monster, swing the axe once that way you don't waste ammo.

    5. Monster on monster violence is your friend. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...

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    Gunter on has made changes to the fiends. They will just jump up from the cliff you tricked them into. Scary thoughts arise.


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      I have an awesome tactice on hell knights and shamblers, so that you do not get inflicted ONE point of damage. Use any weapon for this, except GL and RL, so you do not hurt yourself.

      Stay very close to the shambler so that you force it to use its claws. Every time the shambler moves its hands to crunch you, just backstep away to avoid its claws and keep blasting at it. This way you can never be hit. Same goes for hell knight except that it has a sword instead of claws.


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        Well that tactic works as well against ogres, fiends, and knights.

        Any creature that has a check for melee before using th.missile
        The whole point is to continually reset their check, because when they start something, they will complete the animation before checking again, and in that time you can get close enough again to where on the next check, youre once again in melee range.

        As opposed to in Doom, try that with a Baron of Hell and his swiping hand just lobs a glob of slime if you get out of reach...

        The best enemies for breeding interfighting are fiends (you can guide their jumping) scrags due to their strafing, and hellknights due to the spread. You can also lure a powerful enemy underneath an area with an ogre... get him hit by the ogres grenade and leave. The ogre no longer sees you so he stops firing, the other enemy no longer gives a damn about you because the targetting code defaults to player, but that can be overwritten by the owner of the last entity to harm them... and if they cant hit the ogre.... Well, youve basically neutralized 2 enemies without needing to necessarily finish each other off (until you have to pass through an area where that ogre resides).
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          Yep, I use all of those tactics. Single-player Quake is so much easier than DOOM. DOOM monsters are not very stoopid.


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            Its hardly a matter of intelligence, just in application of gamecode.

            With Quake they do checks based upon the beginning of the ai routine with each Think. Whereas say the Baron of Hell does an attack animation periodically, at a certain frame if you arent in melee range it automatically produces the slime projectile. If you are in melee range it doesnt but does more damage. It also obviously has exception code for if you stay in melee range where they just keep swinging quickly.

            Quake's monsters by default can do more... roaming patrol points for example, as seen in e1m3 (the zombies will come towards the entrance) and also in e2m7 The Underearth where if you hang around an ogre will come down the stairs towards (and from that angle his grenades bounce far).
            Inside3d - Because you can't be Outside 3D!


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              Whoa. How do you know all this stuff?


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                He's scar3crow, he loves his Quaker oats.
                "I'm convinced RenegadeC is in fact not a human, but rather an expirimental IRC/QuakeC bot who has the ability to randomly formulate mods and code them, programmed to have a distinct Canadian personality as well."
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                  Take a look at the source of quake, you'll plainly see how the monster ai reacts. But it's also because scarecrow loves his Quaker oats.

                  If you want to play against nastier monster ai, come to

                  dogs: hump you to death and leap
                  fish: jump out of water and HURT LIKE HELL!!!
                  grunts: shotty, nailgun, grenades
                  enforcer: flamethrower
                  deathknight: different flame throwing patterns
                  ogre: rocket launcher
                  zombies: kamakazies
                  vore: giant balls
                  fiends: unlimited jumping velocity and can aim upwards
                  shambler: insta explosions

                  blob thing (name slips my mind): absorbs your brain. After eating ur brain it takes over your body and acts like a bot against the other players. It also absorbs your life from a distance after reaching a certain amount of health. Fun...

                  also, it appears all monsters can spot you underwater and shoot you now.
                  Chthon and ShubNiggurath: shoots instant fireballs, vore balls. has hitpoints

                  regular knights and scrags: .... just suck


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                    I hate those brainsucker things!! Is there any way to get them off of you once they attach?


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                      some weapons can be used to attack it (concidering its on YOUR head)

                      eg, the frisbee attack can ricochet off a wall and onto your head. etc

                      It's best just to have a teammate shoot it off for you (and that's the funny part because newbs always freak out and start running around like crazy, making it hard for others to save him)


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                        Yeah, lol I guess I am an FVF n00bl3t. I just ran around and jumped like crazy, to no avail...


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                          a bit obvious:

                          -spike fields, if you lure an enemy into them, then activate them - boom the nasty gets spiked. the bit atop the tower in crypt of decay - near the ledge that leads to the well of wishes springs to mind
                          -fiends: ; in the saturn version, if lured into water, drown immediately
                          -zombies; if you can start a war between a big meanie and a zombie, zombie wins everytime - and it takes the meanies mind off you. fiends are suckers for this.
                          -lure enemies to earlier, cleared points instead of where you encounter them (okay, scraping the 'obvious' barrell now...)


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                            Originally posted by man_traic View Post
                            -zombies; if you can start a war between a big meanie and a zombie, zombie wins everytime - and it takes the meanies mind off you. fiends are suckers for this.
                            Of course that plan goes straight to hell when the big meanie is standing on the zombie, keep it from getting up. That's why you need a WWE Zombie tagteam to take turns on the meanies


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                              Originally posted by Canadian*Sniper View Post
                              Of course that plan goes straight to hell when the big meanie is standing on the zombie, keep it from getting up. That's why you need a WWE Zombie tagteam to take turns on the meanies
                              that is true, but it ties up two meanies, while you recover/ reload etc

                              ps talking about wwe, anyone remember the 'colloseum' secret level in saturn quake?