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Doom monsters in Quake?

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  • Doom monsters in Quake?

    I play around with mixing and matching maps and monster replacements for no better reason than my own entertainment. I ran across a bunch of Doom and Doom 2 maps redone for Quake. I also have Your Path of Destruction, which has the full complement of Doom monsters. The only problem is that the monsters look terrible outside of YPOD, and the attached skin shows. Is there any way to make these skins look OK in normal Quake? Thanks.

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    you have to convert the skin to the quake palette OR tell quake to use the palette for YPoD . However, it looks like some of that, especially the edge is palette #255.You may have issues with transparent pixels in places that you don't want them. You can probably use textmex to convert palettes.
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      Not familiar with Your Path of Destruction. Upon Googling, apparently it was a mod FOR Quake1. So I'm assuming the textures would already be indexed to use the Q1 color palette. Perhaps you opened the file in something like Photoshop and then saved the result (pictured above) without applying the proper palette?

      But since they don't work when plugging them into original Q1, apparently they DON'T use the original Q1 color palette.

      So I'm assuming the problem is the mod uses it's own custom palette file. I'm not entirely familiar with Q1, but it's probably similar to Q2 which I am very familiar with. You'll probably want to open that mods .PAK file and find the "colormap.pcx" file (or some similar name). That will be the color palette. If you can post that file along with one or two of the full size original format monster skins, I can probably figure out how to convert them.

      Basically what needs to happen is you gotta open the skins and apply that mods color palette to it. Then you gotta reapply the original Q1 palette to that resulting image. And at that point.... you're probably gonna have some colors change to a small degree... maybe to a LARGE degree, who knows. But don't expect it to look the same.

      The only way around that would be to use a newer client that might use JPG or PNG for textures instead of PCX, because JPG and PNG won't even use the color palette at all.
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