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  • Board Running Slow?

    I know some people had mentioned the forums were running slowly for them... especially in those threads with large images in them because of the code I used to shrink images. I'm wondering now that I've updated the forums (and changed the code to resize images) do the forums still run slow for those who said they ran slow?

    I know for myself, the forums never ran slow except for threads with tons of pictures in it. A couple others have said the same, but some have said pages without images were slow as well.

    Feedback please

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    Runs fast for me. Keep up the good work.

    I will find you... it's only a matter of time.


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      Eh, fine on this end. Could just be my awesomeness rubbing off though.
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        I blame it on the refreshing on "who's in the arcade atm" part of the site


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          Runs fast here.
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            Before it was lagging but it seemed to depend more on the amount of people that were in the board? When there were fewer people I didn't have a problem.
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              It used to lag ocassionally before, but now I have no problems so far.


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                Originally posted by Canadian*Sniper View Post
                I blame it on the refreshing on "who's in the arcade atm" part of the site
                You never replied to my comments in the Arcade topic in Chat-O-Rama.... dumb ass...


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                  Originally posted by Solecord View Post
                  dumb ass...
                  ...That brings a whole new low of you in my books