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So much... white and bright gray!

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  • So much... white and bright gray!

    My monitor blinds me when I visit! Where's my dark browns, dark reds, dark grays, and dark blacks?

    Just kidding. Glad it's back. Sole, is the new host any better?

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    New host is amazing! So much better than the company that bought out my last host

    The site templates will be updated soon... back to the darker colors. I hate the bright white too ha! It was either launch the site with white or keep it down for another couple of days!


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      I missed the site this week. Good to see it back.


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          Same here. Didn't realize how much I come here till it was down haha.

          Not sure if it's the lack of detail/ads, but this new host is wicked fast. I love it.
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            The speed is mostly the new host + new version of the software + llack of addons installed. Before we had lots of addons that was loading a ton of Javascript (not really the ads, if you were a logged in user, there should have only been one ad displaying in the top right corner).


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              Lucky I wear shades indoors (I'm really that cool.).

              Glad the site's back. I didn't realise it was going down and for how long. If I wasn't so cool (wearing shades indoors) I might've been worried!

              Good job so far, sir. B)
              I got the phone call at 4 a.m.


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                Yo website so white, she make the Pilsbury Doughboy look like a mexican.
                Yo website so white, she got a sunburn from a full moon.
                Yo website so white, Charlie Sheen tried to suck her up his nose.