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    Originally posted by Lardarse View Post
    I think that there's a technical limitation that means that the text should be on the left side, and fit within the first 640 pixels.

    Exactly. The size of the banner is very long width wise, only so the banner will continue to appear on very large resolutions. But just because it's extremely wide does not mean you need to utilize the entire size to fit your design and look. As Lardarse said, keep your main design, text, logo, etc. to the first 640 pixels or so (starting from the left). The rest of the width should simply contain a background picture or something similar just to fill in the space for larger resolutions.

    If you look at the current header graphic:

    You'll see it's just a mirror image of the first half. The main "content" of the graphic is over to the left and the rest is just "filler." I'm not saying you need to mirror your image, but just take notice that the portion that most will need to see to define what site you're on should be on the left side of the graphic. The rest may not necessarily be seen unless people have higher resolutions.


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      ok how this?

      also i some how took a shot in hondo's mod so i used that too

      -- i thik the site shrunk my feild picture


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        Hows about fixing the damn site already?


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          nice image idea, i like the HORDE effect as if each monster is actually one of us!

          Hows about fixing the damn site already?
          The gremlins went on boycott until someone fixes the leak in the basement.
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            Originally posted by Disco Rockstar View Post
            good point.... I am just kidding about the newb comment Since we are both just "1" then we should settle this by seeing who can kill the most bots on X map in the amount of X time. With Baker as witness, on the IHOC VS BOTS server.

            Rather, who can reach 23 frags quickest,coz thats all you'll get
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              Wtc, all i wanna know is when the arcade is going to come back up. Jesus!


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                Weee is getting a makeover, sweet. It was starting to look raggy.

                Hehehe, just kidding.

                But yay! How bout adding a shout box somewhere on the site. (prob a waste of time, but w/e)... other than that suggestion, i dunno. As i'm half asleep, and just woke up.

                Glad to see the site back up though. ^^


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                  i saw a lot of banner have been posted here here's my try (and it can be changed easily)

                  opps screw'd up on the edges... can fix that too.


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                    I liked the old template a lot more than this generic junk


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                      Originally posted by Canadian*Sniper View Post
                      I liked the old template a lot more than this generic junk

             exactly 1 year ago.

            *Loads slowly*
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                        Just wanted to point out that the downloads section is messed up. Missing the sections that used to be there and the files.



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                          Originally posted by Polarite View Post
                          Why does the middle of the logo have a very sharp break right in the middle between two different images? It looks very odd.

                          Upon closer inspection I assume that it's just part of the level? I haven't played DM in many years.

                          Either way, I would recommend choosing an area of a level where it doesn't have that 2D-sheared look. Anyone that doesn't know the level really well would think that the right side of the image is from another level altogether.

                          Also, there is visible aliasing on the angles, perhaps that makes it look retro, but I would think it looks nicer if you make the source resolution larger and then scale down to smooth out the angled edges.

                          I really like the lightning coming off Quake guy's axe, but I think the glow around his body stands out too much (more than everything else in the image).


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                            Another thing, if you want the top logo to fit on larger screen resolutions, then it should be made to fit at least 1920x1080 screens, as they're quite common these days. That's what I have, and the logo ends a couple inches before the right edge.


                            I forgot one last thing!

                            I can't stand how doesn't use the standard emoticons characters. Please, please add alternate matches for all the common ones, such as:

                            :-) :-| :-/ :-( etc.

                            Every other forum I've used, perhaps a few dozen over the years, uses the standard emoticon set. I can never be bothered to click the icons, I just type in the emoticon characters... but they don't work on this site, all mixed around.
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                              I have a suggestion, make banned users not appear in the who's online. Sure once they leave the page they cannot be seen online again. It is just a little annoying to see "WolvLikesToSodomizeBoys" in the online list lmao


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                                Originally posted by OoPpEe View Post
                                I have a suggestion, make banned users not appear in the who's online. Sure once they leave the page they cannot be seen online again. It is just a little annoying to see "WolvLikesToSodomizeBoys" in the online list lmao
                                I think this is a valid point. I don't see any reason that someone who is banned gets to be listed as someone who is "online".

                                It isn't helpful to site.
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