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Unread 10-20-2010, 10:48 AM   #1 (permalink)
Seven's Avatar
Posts: 2,809
+/-  Reputation: Seven will become famous soon enoughSeven will become famous soon enough
Join Date: Oct 2007
Currently: Offline
Small Mod compilation - Quake + MP1 + MP2


The "small mod compilation" started a few years ago with Footsteps + Newfire + Nailposition.
Over the time I extended it by adding new features.

Main target of the "small mod compilation" is to keep the gameplay of original Quake, but bring new features/ideas to increase the playing experience.

Almost all of its features can be enabled/disabled via cvar (please read the included readme.txt for details) so you can adjust your Quake to your personal liking.

Here is a quick overview:

Visual effects:
- 3 flame types: polygon, improved dpmodīs sprite, particle flames
- In MP2 (Rogue): Option to have particle candle flames instead of original polygon candle flames
- All particle effects reworked and enhanced (with various options to choose from)
- Implemented Rain+Snow effects (with rain+thunder sounds)
- Water/Lava/Slime splashes + sound effects (for projectiles and entities)
- Particle muzzleflashes for shotguns and nailguns (Selectable via cvar). Also for grunt/soldier
- 'Player + monster bleeding' (when health reaches several limits)
- Various optional additional gore/blood/flesh effects when shooting/gibbing monsters
- 2 "new" (previously unused) Hellknight magic attack animations and a new charging effect
- New shambler magic attack animation (adjustable via cvar according to used monster model)
- custom particle effect when lightning gun beam hits walls/meshes
- Added adjustable particle flies around corpses, gibs and zombies
- Option to choose between several new forcefield particles effects in MP1
- Changed the original Power Shild "Hit-effect" to be more dynamic/special in MP2
- Added trails to the wrathīs, overlordīs and dragonīs projectile in MP2
- statue monsters have debris+dust particles instead of blood particles in MP2
- Added statue gib textures (based on Quake Reforged Statue monster skins) in MP2
- Added new effect names to both lava spike impacts (to gain seperate effects/visuals) in MP2
- Added support for spawning/adding into maps via ent files (without editing QC):
--- custom solid/nonsolid models (including animations)
--- custom particle effects (samples incl.)
--- custom sound effects (samples incl.)
- Added map effect: lava-eruptions for lava pools (incl. lava ambience sound)
- shambler and wizard spawn dust clouds when their corpses fall onto ground
- adjustable hell-demon visual (demons burn and leave burning footprints)

- NailGunīs + SuperNailGunīs nail position correction
- Monster-count bug for swimming monsters
- corrected zombie and mummy flesh-projectile spawn-position for 2nd attack animation
- Plasma Gun bug fix in Mission pack 2
- Option to disable the *bleeding* of shootable buttons and secret walls/doors/explo-boxes. Option to replace the 'blood' with a custom "secret" particle effect.

Additional features:
- Multiskin/Multimodel support for monsters. You can now use up to 4 different skins per monster at the same time. 'Starter Kit' with all necessary files, that fully supports it is included for your convenience
- Added Gyro physics (fully adjustable via cvars)
- Option to use Gyro on backpacks (so you can shoot them around and they can float in water)
- Option to disable the spinning of backpacks
- Weapon recoil feature (pushes the player slightly backwards when shooting)
- Optional footstep (player and monsters) sounds
- Adjustable change-weapon sounds
- Adjustable view-weapons & monster transparency adjustment
- Kickable/shootable gibs and heads
- Multiple gib cvarīs to adjust the gib behaviour to your likings (stay-duration, quantity, fade animation, spin behaviours)
- Optional gibbable or burnable corpses (with adjustable health and masses)
- Corpses can optionally only be gibbed with explosive weapons or with any weapon
- Nails stick in Walls (with adjustable lifetime)
- Option to have lava guns and plasma gun texture animation when shooting in MP2 (glowing + cooling)
- Added "kill all monsters" cheat and cheats for all powerups
- Crucified zombies are now shootable/killable
- Added axe sound when player hits a monster (2 sound sets to choose from)
- new phantom sword death animation in Rogue (dying knight spawning/fading in)
- zombie, ogre and mumies enhanced aiming
- Monsters/corpses/gibs interaction with lava + slime (particle effects and skin changes). Optionally monsters can take damage from lava/slime as well
- exploding boxes spawn burning debris chunks
- Possibility to see view-weapons with less opaqueness during invisibility time
- possibility to have a powerup-countdown-counter on screen
- possibility to choose between several weapon autoswitch behaviours
- Optionaly additional animated heart gib
- Optionaly different custom backpack models (for enforcer/grunt/ogre)
- Option for custom animated health + megahealth models (adjustable for different world types)
- Option for welcome message in console when starting Quake single player game
- Added 6 new after-death-animations (selectable via multiple cvar for each monster + random options): Ancient ghosts of the fallen, Relieved souls of the enslaved, Vengeance of the deceased, Legend of Grimrock, Legend of Grimrock + Trinity effect, Ancient Ghost of Grimrock effect
- Added death animation randomness cvar (to freely select appearance of animation randomness for each monster separately)
- Monsters have individual impact sounds, when their corpses fall onto the floor
- Adjustable 'earth shattering' when shambler dies and falls
- Optional NEW Monsters: warlord, afrit, spider, new zombie, new dog with various adjustable abilities, animations/sounds
- Many additional ambience sounds to make Quake more "alive/living"
- Dog, soldier, knight and ogre use additional adjustable animation sequences to increase variation
- Fully adjustable player and grunt shell casings
- optional monster-clone feature (multiply enemies in a map)
- optional adjustable teleport/beam feature for wizards and demons

This compilation can only be used with DarkPlaces.

UPDATE 20130317

Quake version V4.25 Release

New Features:
- optional slow motion effect
- optional new monster type: spider
- optional Lightning gun killing modification
- option to move the view_weapons to the right side
- option for visual "adrenalin" screen effect
- option for 2 different Wizard projectile trail effects

UPDATE 20130630

Version V4.31 Release

New Features:
- Optional new flying monster type: Afrit
- Optional water wading / swimming sounds and adjustable foostep sounds
- Several new cvars to fix Darkplaces engine related issues (for newer builds)

Updated features:
- spider model for shambler-replacement with extra big size
- Spider dog-replacement uses a better skin
- Wizard projectile is now adjustable in size (due to new trail effect)
- Bugfix (loading a saved game with replacement monsters works correctly now)
- "Invisible weapons" now also work with new DP builds
- Lowered chance for custom-death-animations appearance
- Readjusted chance for replacement monsters appearance

UPDATE 20130903

Quake version V4.50 Release

New Features:
- Random slight earthquakes
- "Ragdoll" for corpses
- Twitching corpses
- Optional new monster type: Warlord
- Optional new monster type: Hydra
- Optional interactive evil textures

Updated features:
- Updated cvars to match new DarkPlaces builds (20130301+)
- Increased speed for map loading time
- Fixed Afrit gibs from floating in mid-air
- Both Afrit types (colors) have seperate particle effects now
- Fixed original Quake monster-count bug for swimming monsters
- Possibility to add animated/loop models via .ent file into maps
- New dog and New zombieīs appearance chance is now better adjustable
- Improved vengeance skull: skin-texture, particles and fixed sound bug (endless loop)
- Fixed custom megahealth models (heart & cross) from sinking into floor
- Spider replacement for shambler does now double damage
- Each monster corpse now spins in random direction when shot (before only counter-clockwise)
- Fixed Ancient ghost model (no longer stucks in walls/meshes)
- Fixed Nails stick in sky bug (due to solid skies in maps)

UPDATE 20131020

All versions V4.55 Release

New Features:
Please see this post for all details

UPDATE 20140119

Quake version V4.60 Release

New Features:
Please see this post for all details

UPDATE 20140309

Quake Full version V4.72 Release

New Features:
Please see this post for all details

UPDATE 20140501

Full version V4.80 Release

New Features:
Please see this post for all details

UPDATE 20140811

All versions V5.00 Release

New Features:
Please see this post for all details

Max character limit reached in this post !

Download the newest Versions:
(Please READ the included readme.txt)

Quake / Mission Pack 1 / Mission Pack 2

Have fun!

Last edited by Seven; 08-29-2014 at 08:24 AM.. Reason: Updated ALL versions to V5.00
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Unread 10-25-2010, 12:09 AM   #2 (permalink)
Hazza's Avatar
Posts: 374
+/-  Reputation: Hazza is on a distinguished road
Join Date: Jun 2009
Currently: Offline
Interesting, I'll try to check it out soon!
Check out my awesome Deviant art page!
Quake fanart (obviously included)!
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Unread 10-25-2010, 12:53 AM   #3 (permalink)
Spirit's Avatar
Posts: 1,075
+/-  Reputation: Spirit is on a distinguished road
Join Date: Apr 2006
Currently: Offline
edit: direct link removed on request

Last edited by Spirit; 10-25-2010 at 12:11 PM..
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Unread 11-06-2010, 05:20 PM   #4 (permalink)
Seven's Avatar
Posts: 2,809
+/-  Reputation: Seven will become famous soon enoughSeven will become famous soon enough
Join Date: Oct 2007
Currently: Offline
Dear all,

Thanks to Baker, who showed me the link to Hipnotic and Rogue Source Codes.

I implemented my 4 Mini-Mods into Mission Pack 1 + 2 now.
So now we have all above described enhancements available in MP 1+2 as well.
Please see readme.txt for more details.

I also made it easier for you to use these mods.
I packed each into a simple .pk3.
So now you dont have to bother with different/many files.

Please feel free to use the included source code for your own mods.

Screenshots as evidence:


Mission pack 1 (Hip1M1):

Mission pack 2 (R1M1):

Updated Download Links in first post.

Kind Regards,
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Unread 11-08-2010, 02:26 AM   #5 (permalink)
Posts: 72
+/-  Reputation: kingennio is on a distinguished road
Join Date: Oct 2010
Currently: Offline
Hi Seven,
there seems to be a problem with your latest release of the mod for Quake (ID1, I haven't tested the expansions rogue and hipnotic). When I shoot I get weird/wrong effects. This won't happen with your previous release.
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Unread 11-08-2010, 05:19 AM   #6 (permalink)
Seven's Avatar
Posts: 2,809
+/-  Reputation: Seven will become famous soon enoughSeven will become famous soon enough
Join Date: Oct 2007
Currently: Offline
Hello kingennio,

My previous release was not a pk3.

What you see in your screenshots, are the missing model for shell casing.
DarkPlaces creates these dummy models in order to avoid crashing.
So you MUST use dpmod somehow.
Maybe you use a shortcut "darkplaces.exe -game dpmod" ?
If so, dont do it. Start darkplaces.exe without anything.
Put my new pk3 in your Quake\ID1 folder.

I will doublecheck it, when I come home this evening
and come back to you if I find something.

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Unread 11-08-2010, 06:32 AM   #7 (permalink)
Posts: 72
+/-  Reputation: kingennio is on a distinguished road
Join Date: Oct 2010
Currently: Offline
Hi Seven,
that's odd because I'm not using dpmod. And in fact your previous release worked form me. I don't understand...
BTW, I'm using all the mods mentioned here:
Can some of these cause the problem? I've also found another issue: this is with the previous release:
With the current I get this:

Last edited by kingennio; 11-08-2010 at 08:03 AM..
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Unread 11-08-2010, 08:54 AM   #8 (permalink)
webangel's Avatar
Posts: 899
+/-  Reputation: webangel is on a distinguished road
Join Date: Jul 2010
Currently: Offline
same problem here!
The MPs are OK!

Last edited by webangel; 11-08-2010 at 09:05 AM..
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Unread 11-08-2010, 12:15 PM   #9 (permalink)
Seven's Avatar
Posts: 2,809
+/-  Reputation: Seven will become famous soon enoughSeven will become famous soon enough
Join Date: Oct 2007
Currently: Offline
Ok, I found it....

I put the Hipnotic progs.dat into the Quake-Version as well.

I am sorry for the confusion.
I corrected the zip and reuploaded it (see first post).

Now ALL Versions work as they should.


PS: I recommend using this DP build (if you cant hear the footsteps correctly)

Last edited by Seven; 11-08-2010 at 12:35 PM..
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Unread 11-09-2010, 03:21 AM   #10 (permalink)
Posts: 72
+/-  Reputation: kingennio is on a distinguished road
Join Date: Oct 2010
Currently: Offline
I still get this weird behavior: ammo packs instead of the torches. What might cause this?
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