I'm aware that this forum feature is intended for leaving public messages on member profiles. IDC. I think it's a perfect spot to use as a blog. I might never use the actual forum again to document my projects. People can just come to my profile if they want to see what I'm up to.

Working hard on UI elements. I created an object compiler that allows me to create custom classes on-the-fly. In my system there are only 3 core types (GraphicObject, TextObject, TextFormat). With nothing but those 3 types I can visually create any conceivable UI element. My object compiler allows me to write simple descriptors that customize and combine those basic types to make more complicated elements. All of you have seen me do one version or another of this before. The difference here is that no matter how bored I get I'm not going to stop til I am done. I have a problem where once I know everything about something I don't care about it anymore. I HAVE to overcome that. Making these UI elements is BORING AS FUCK cause 1) I made it too damn easy and 2) there is no mystery.

The directory tree in the image above is highly polished. It may look simple and unassuming but, don't let the graphics fool you. It knows everything about itself at all times and eliminates a shit load of mouse operations as you work with it. I'm not going to go into all of it's features but if you compare the below image to the above image you could guess a bunch of them. As it stands, the document tree is presented for test purposes. The entire thing needs to be wrapped in a FileExplorer class that I am about to write. Basically the DocumentTree is meant to be the display window for FileExplorer and FileExplorer will add everything the DocumentTree is missing, like...a directory path input field and other such things you would expect in a file explorer.

if it isn't obvious, some of the features are things like it only ever being as big as it's visible contents, scrollbars only appearing as the display overflows and other such things. Also, very smooth transitioning tween effects have been added to mostly eliminate harsh resizing. Instead of things just jumping onto the screen they are more like presented.