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    I was sorry to see NextGenQuake go MG, it looked very promising and really showed the way in quite a few areas. Oddly enough I was trying to finish a couple of projects and was 2 weeks away from trying to contribute a map reference page and one or 2 other ideas but what's done is done I guess. Still, lets hope someone gets inspired by it.

    Kind regards

  • MadGypsy
    I didn't just shut down NGQ, I completely ended my focus on programming and creating anything with computers. All of my focus is on chemistry and biology now with a specific focus on creating/discovering actual cures for major diseases. I even built a lab and constantly purchase new supplies, machinery and tools.

    Regardless of how much Baker would like to believe that I am not essentially a master programmer, I actually am one. No language or concept is a barrier for me. However, I can't focus because everything in programming bores the snot out of me. It's not a challenge. It's just a bunch of writing thousands and thousands of lines of obvious things with very small and generally simple to solve problems popping up as I go. Chemistry and Biology are also programming (as far as I am concerned) but, it isn't simple, I am not a master and the rewards for success are much greater.

    I want to change the entire world before I die, not just add some creation or toy to the pool of existing similar creations and toys. I also don't want to die anytime soon. We used to live hundreds of years. Now we live 70ish years. Obviously there are many things you can do with no medicine, tonic or supplement to greatly extend that 70ish years to 100ish years but, I'm shooting for like 300 years or longer. I know it sounds like fantasy. I just refuse to believe that it isn't entirely possible. If we used to live 500+ years, then everyone alive today is dieing from early onset rapid ageing. If you understand the problem you can discover a solution. We already have some solutions ... diet, exercise, sleep, proper nutrition, etc but our telomeres are still dying way too fast. A lot of colloidal technology is designed to slow down the decay of telomeres but, nothing I can find is designed to repair them. Repair telomeres, live forever. Another problem is that our periodic table of elements is incomplete. It includes no monatomic elements however, monatomic elements were plentiful when people were living hundreds of years. They were in everything because they were in the soil. Our food supply is completely barren of these elements.

    I could go on forever about this stuff but, suffice it to say that I have info. I have leads. As I learn and experiment more my understanding will grow and unlike big pharma I have no reason to suppress the information. I am also smart enough to make sure that killing me will be the ASSURED way that EVERYONE will get the information. To change the world you have to be ready to fight those that run it. I've never backed down from a fight. Actually, I'm generally the one starting or pursuing a fight, lol. At least this fight will actually be worth something ... assuming I have any success at all in my discoveries.

    Take care,
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