ProQuake 4 is the official continuation of the original ProQuake by J.P. Grossman.

ProQuake is a faithful GLQuake/WinQuake style Quake client incorporating several common sense features Quake should have had from the start such as ping in scoreboard, precise aiming, loc support.

ProQuake would become the standard Quake client for online play, although further development stopped in late 2002.

However, as time went on the client aged and was in need of newer features and as a result unofficial updates began in 2007. In December 2007, J.P. Grossman handed off the ProQuake project and the unofficial ProQuake project became the official continuation.

Beyond !
May 8, 2018 - Based on Mark V [Site].

Mark V - Release
November 18, 2016 - Mark V version 1.00 has been released. It is overloaded with capabilities never seen before. Once someone sees what it can do, there is no need to describe it nor type many words about it. In fact, if you have a sense of humor, it is more fun to keep it a secret while also not explaining what it can do. Secret projects are more fun that way. [Site]

I have a thrist of "The End"
May 23, 2014 - I have a thirst for "The End". I know not what shape or form this may take, but I have a large body of possible works on my hard drive and would love to give one of them final and total completion. This is one of the rare cases that spreading the word is more likely to make it true and change the landscape a little. Everyone knows I have massive quanitites of nearly completely works on my hard drive -- I have very little "free" time and probably over the next 6 months can finalize one. But I don't know which one, I will let white noise decide. Many things on my hard drive will have to rot, but one thing will be given the breath of life. Won't happen "soon" by conventional standards --- I am targeting Christmas as the time frame.

Final FitzQuake Mark V
October 3, 2013 - Mark V Engine (Final Version) [Download] In some ways, the Mark V engine represents the ultimate existing backwards compatible classic Quake engine with very subtle but addictive refinements -- with some great ProQuake and JoeQuake refinements, some great Quakespasm innovations, some of the "Baker-esque" refinements I tend to add to engines and some forward thinking ideas contributed by Spike and MH and some others like Reckless and Barnes at Inside3D!

  • FitzQuake 0.85 + much more!
  • Total gamedir switching (ex: "game masque -hipnotic").
  • Full video/mouse code rewrite!
  • Brightness only on game window.
  • ALT-ENTER: fullscreen | windowed.
  • Skill/gamedir recorded in demos.
  • Autocompletion of everything!
  • Demo rewind and fast forward!
  • 1001 other features I forget!
  • See readme

See the readme for full details. Better than average chance this is my final contribution to Quake. It has been a great ride!

Steam2ProQuake Installer
June 12, 2013 - Steam --> ProQuake Installer
  • ProQuake "press F5 server browser".
  • Auto-download capability.
  • Ease-of-use (ALT-ENTER, etc.).
  • DirectX: no OpenGL driver woes.
  • Uninstalls if desired via the control panel.
ProQuake 4.93 with F5 server browser
October 24, 2012 - Version 4.93 Latest Features
  • Easy and fast server browser via F5 key or Menu->Multiplayer.
  • Sound download in addition to map/model download.
  • Stays connected during downloads (prior versions reconnected after downloading files).
  • Loc file download.
  • Single-pass video startup (reads config early).
  • Renders particles a little faster (calculation/rendering separation).
  • Colored dead bodies (GLQuake, unlike WinQuake, never did this).
FitzQuake Mark V: A FitzQuake modification
July 31, 2012 - Revision 7 FitzQuake Mark V is a conservative modification of FitzQuake 0.85 with highly documented source code changes, created to reduce the implementation time/make things easy for any engine author looking to add said changes.

Partial feature list:
  • External .mdl textures; mp3 music.
  • Multi-core clock-fix.
  • Lightmaps fps speed-up (MH).
  • Unneeded: -heapsize, max_edicts.
  • Dynamic lights on moved platforms.
  • Shadows on brush models.
  • Ping in scoreboard, .ent, .loc.
  • Single-pass video startup.
  • Widescreen FOV correction.
  • 5 mouse buttons, AVI capture.
  • tool_texturepointer & tool_inspector.
  • Record demos any time, rewind / ff.
Func_Msgboard Thread ...
Special thanks to Sock, the author of In The Shadows, for extensive feedback/"tuning" advice.

Engine X: Alternate engine in beta
February 17, 2011 - Version 4.64 Engine X is a graphically enhanced engine complete with all the enhancements to modern ProQuake.

Partial feature list:
  • FitzQuake protocol: runs all super-giant, limit busting single player releases.
  • DarkPlaces replacement texture naming convention.
  • Experimental cl_hudstyle 2.
  • All modern ProQuake enhancements.
  • Simple menus.
  • DirectX 8 build via MH wrapper.
  • Replacement content.
Thread and download ...
The Undergate: 104 map selector
February 17, 2011 - Undergate Re-Release An easy and convenient selector with 104 maps by various authors, based on the ratings at the Underworld reviews site.

  • Hall Of Fame & Recommended maps.
  • All 104 maps organized by rating.
  • Screenshots, author names.
  • Walk the map, pick one to play.
  • Open source: QuakeC provided.
  • Would work even in old WinQuake.
  • Created in 2006; still in demand.
Thread and download ...
Try something different?
February 8, 2011 - Kurok 0.4 Remastered In 2008, Kurok Version 0.4 was released with a heavily modified FitzQuake engine. Thread and download ...

ProQuake Features
July 17, 2010 - Version 4.47 Latest Features
  • Special thanks to MH for a helluva lot of advanced code.
  • Chase cam fix (never pokes into walls). R00k's version.
  • Super-speed boost in glpro without gamma param.
  • Massive dx8pro speed boost (almost glpro fast).
  • Overbright support (gl_overbright 1).
  • scr_autoid shows player names overhead in demos.
  • dx8pro general improvements -fullwindow and -vsync options.
  • Underwater rendering fix when near surface.
  • Play multimap demos. Yes, record 3 maps and do stop -- then play.
  • Smooth animations in wqpro (r_interpolate_animation 1).
  • Smooth movement in wqpro (r_interpolate_transform 1)
  • Mouse bug where "Enhanced Pointer Precision" got set in Windows. Sorry.
  • Switch gl_texturemode instantly. It was broken.
  • Lower cpu usage by default (host_sleep 1 by default, host_sleep 0 for old).
  • Tons of historical bug fixes and relability improvments.
  • Intel Display Adapters should have vsync control ext (GL_WIN_swap_hint ext check).
  • d3dpro now have contrast control.
June 26, 2010 - New in 4.30
  • Automatic HTTP Download enabled by default.
  • Map download progress bar.
  • Session-to-session console command history.
  • Software renderer animation interpolation by MH (WinQuake).
  • Smooth online coop! No jerky monster movement.
  • MP3 track support (Travail, etc.).
  • DirectX 8.1 Version (MH Wrapper) included (if your OpenGL drivers don't work, etc).
  • Rotating brush support, chase_active 2, cl_bobbing 1, etc.
  • OpenGL/DX8 clear textures every map load; can run 1000 maps back-to-back.
No system issues, no video issues, no processor issues:
  • Immune to all "cannot connect to server" issues. For real.
  • Optionally disable the Windows keys (sys_disableWinkeys 1).
  • Video: Never ALT-TAB trashing, never FOV issues.
  • Runs without overspeed/underspeed issues on newer processors (dual core, etc.).
  • "White screen" should be impossible with affected video cards.
  • Runs on all Intel Display adapters (GLQuake/older glpro crash on some).
  • GLQuake "texture cache mismatch" issue resolved.
  • Map and model download from the web. It's fast!
  • Half-Life map support (no colored lights or alpha textures).
  • Skybox support, fog, optional interpolation.
  • Optional fullbright support.
Better input:
  • 5 mouse button support.
  • Full keyboard binding (optional).
  • International keyboard support (optional).
  • -alias binds never triggered in console.
  • Turn -dinput on or off in-game using m_directinput 1.
Better video and rendering:
  • Change video mode in game (Options -> Video Mode).
  • Vertical sync can be turned on or off (vid_vsync 1).
  • Optionally adjust brightness in-game (If not using -gamma x.xx in cmdline).
  • ALT-ENTER toggles fullscreen vs. windowed (cl_keys_altenter 0 to disable).
  • Direct3D renderer for those with OpenGL driver problems (d3dpro).
  • Change console text size at will (Options->Preferences).
  • cmdlist and cvarlist, to list commands and variables.
  • Gamedir switching at-will via gamedir command.
  • AVI capturing capability (capture_codec, capturedemo, etc.).
  • Demo rewind and fast forward using PGUP and PGDN keys.
  • Built-in Quake name maker (type namemaker in console).
  • Config.cfg output is nice and clean.
  • GLQuake .ms2 meshing is removed (no trashed models potential).
  • CD player can be turned off in-menu (-nocdaudio in cmdline not required).
  • Max_edicts increased to support large single player maps.
  • Memory defaults to 32 MB to issues with large maps.
  • Zone defaults to 1 MB to avoid trouble with mods (CTF, RuneQuake, etc).
  • Reset to defaults in the menu actually does this.
Better server:
  • Anti-wallhack capability (sv_cullentities 1=players or 2=all).
  • Built-in ipmasking (sv_ipmasking 1).
  • More settings shown in test2 queries (ticrate, etc.).
  • copy command copies console to clipboard.
  • viewpos command (x y z + angles).
  • tracepos.
  • Toucklinks fix (affects Frikbot among other things).
Planned Features
  • Client: Separate rendering maxfps from server maxfps.
  • Client: Work on multi-crosshair support some more.
  • Client: Optional stairs steps smoothing.
  • Client: Make F1 display actual help and diagnostics. IF gamedir=id1
  • Client: Undo defaulting the port to 26000. Reason: external server browsers using old school GLQuake compatible method.
  • Convenience: Map, demo, gamedir listing commands.
  • Convenience: auto-compressed demos solution.
  • Convenience: case insensitive cvars and commands.
  • Convenience: better tab completion; see if can tab complete map names and such too.
  • GL: Single pass video setup; reuse context if possible.
  • GL: Colormapping of corpses in GL(optional).
  • GL: NPRQuake rendering option. [mostly done]
  • Other: Consider raising file handles.
  • Single player: Console reload on gamedir change.
  • Single player: Skybox support, limited.[done]
  • Single player: Work on fog support some more.
  • Single player: Complete Half-Life map implementation w/alpha texture support.
  • Single player: Possibly Kurok support.
  • Single player: Capability of saving multiplayer game.
  • Server: External .ent support on server side.
  • Server: Host_Error instead of Sys_Error for server.
  • Server: Implement sv_cheats 0,1,-1 (-1 = default = way things are normally in Quake).
  • Server: Optional grenade bounce fix.
  • Linux: Work on Linux version some more.
  • Mac OS X: Finish merge with Windows codebase.
  • Mac OS X: Solve key repeats, menu, copy cmd.
  • Mac OS X: Option to disable mouse cursor release in windowed mode.
  • Mac OS X: make a vid_describecurrentmode equivalent command.
  • Bug: Fix "can't use keypad" with international keyboard.
  • Issue: Winquake [but not gl] incompatibility with x64 machines [api ?].
Development continues on ProQuake. Help, feature ideas and bug reports can be posted at the QuakeOne Forums.

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