Download the ProQuake Launcher (includes ProQuake 3.50):
Download either of the following:

  • ProQuake Launcher - EZ Installer 4.9 MB - for most users
  • ProQuake Launcher - 7-Zip Package 5.1 MB - unzip to c:\quake, requires 7-Zip or WinRAR
    Install includes ProQuake 3.50 and security module, no need to separately obtain.
    Features Summary

  • Built-in Quake Name Maker.
  • Easily set all major command line parameters, including brightness (gamma).
  • Optional Config Boost adds new capabilities like +superzoom or +quickgrenade.

  • Make your config read-only or writeable with a click of a button.
  • Newbies: Set mouselook, transparent water or FOV easily.

  • Auto-play demos (both .dem and .dz) by clicking them (hard drive, internet, etc.).
  • Auto-converts screenshots to .jpg format, saves a ton of disk space.
  • Auto-creates .dz demos from .dem format for easy sharing (.dz format is much smaller).
  • Automatic detection and support for the Undergate.
    Powerful, Yet Simple
    The ProQuake Launcher is very powerful, yet simple and easily understandable. Augmented by Enhanced GLQuake/WinQuake for single player, an engine with extreme capacity limits and outstanding single player convenience.

    If you want more information on what is under the hood, click here.

    February 14, 2007: Updated to version 1.1, eliminating a bug with setting gamma for many non-English countries that had resulted in a white screen upon starting Quake. Additionally, Enhanced GLQuake/WinQuake has been updated to version 1.32
    Engine Home Pages
  • ProQuake by J.P. Grossman
  • Enhanced GLQuake/WinQuake by Bengt Jardrup

    Install also includes 2 single player maps, the Forgotten Tomb by Trinca and LunSP1 by Lunaran.


    This software uses the outstanding FreeImage open source image library.
    See for details. FreeImage is used under the FIPL, version 1.0.