Latest Release

QRACK v2.011.3467 (08.24.2011)


added: teamscores to scr_printstats_type 1

added: gl_conback_image will specify the conback image in real-time.

added: Adjustable con_textsize resizing using [alt]UpArrow and [alt]DownArrow keys, with [alt]BackSpace to reset.

added: commandline option -monitor2 to select second monitor as default.

added: snd_ambient {0|1}, toggles the ambient background sounds, wind, frogs, water, torches etc...

Fixed: External textures for gamedir content. Loads the media from -game folder first.
Bug reported by Lightning Hunter.

Added: cl_nomessageprint [0|1] : suppress message text when recording demos.

Added: r_outline for .md3 models.

Added: writealiases {filename}.cfg : writes all alias commands to filename.cfg.
The ".cfg" extension is forced.

Added: cl_nomessageprint [0|1] : suppress message text when recording demos.

Added: cl_autofocus {0|1} returns back to Qrack when a match starts, if the
user ALT-TABs out.
Added: show_healthbar {0|1}, displays a graphical bar on screan of local
client's health
show_healthbar_x {#}, horizontal position of healthbar. Default 0 is the
center of the screen, negative moves left, positive moves right.
show_healthbar_y {#}, vertical position of the healthbar. Default is 0
center. Positive moves down, negative moves up.

Added: show_armorbar {0|1}, displays graphical bar of local client's
armorvalue. Color is indeicated by type of armor. (R,Y,G)
show_armorbar_x {#}, horizontal position
show_armorbar_y {#}, vertical position

Added: show_ammobar {0|1}, displays a graphical bar of the ammount of ammo of
local client's weapon in hand.
show_ammobar_x {#}, horizontal position.
show_ammobar_y {#}, vertical position.

Tweak: using r_dynamic 2, loads static map dynamic lights (strobe lights)
but doesnt update them, fixing performance problems with some ATI cards.

Fixed: Bug when using ctrl and pageup keys. If you held down the pageup key it
would keep scrolling back past the beginning of the console buffer.

Fixed: Sometimes keys didn't repeat in the console.

Fixed: Tweaked the position of the muzzleflash particle, works now with
cl_gun_offset and v_viewheight.

Added: gl_part_muzzleflash {0|1} toggles the particle for muzzleflash when
shooting. (4 years later)

Added: Support for mods that require 64k globals, via code from Spike of FTE.

Added: MEM command to show amount of HEAP memory used.

Added: EndFrameQC support.

Added: SV_PlayerPhysicsQC support, to override engine player physics for

Added: changed r_lightmode command to gl_overbright.

Changed: MSG_Write*s and MSG_Read*s to mimic ProQuake server functions for
compatibility. cls.protocol will manage this in future.

Fixed: Bug with Quoth's pulsecannon, using invalid particletype.

Added: Inability to (accidentally) load multiple versions of Qrack to save
Can be overridden with "-multipleinstance" command line parameter.

Changed: MAX_ENT_LEAFS to 256 from 16

Added: host_maxfps (default 75), forces server timings to Quake standard for
single-player game physics.

Changed: Typing changelevel with no mapname will pick a random map for you. Nice
for playing wih FrikBots.

Added: gl_decal_count cvar sets maximum number of decals to be drawn at one

Fixed: remove oldest decal from list if max decal limit hit, always drawing new

Fixed: replaced calls to glBindTexture, with GL_Bind, which applies
gl_anisotropic to all textures passed through this function.
hopefully this will eliminate the glittery effect of decals.

Added: random decal sizes when created.

Added: decal alpha channel support.

Fixed: if cl_web_download fails because of file not found Qrack should not crash.

Fixed: reconnect command works now, just type reconnect if you get disconnected.

fixed: old bug with pq_teamscores when a team had a negative score!

added: gl_powerupshell_size, to control the size of a model's polygon shell effect.
(default 0), range: 0 to 10.

fixed: bug with m_filter.

fixed: if sv_defaultmap is null ("") then Qrack will return with error :
Couldn't load map: 'mymap.bsp'. if map not found.

modified: gl_fogenable is set in worldspawn for maps that wish to autoload fog settings,
using gl_fogenable 2 forces current fog settings to carry over if the next map doesnt
have a fog key in worldspawn. This basically forces fog ON all the time.

added: scr_bloodsplat 0 | 1
shows bloodsplats on player's screens when being hurt.

Fixed: gl_rain is now alot faster.

Fixed: R_Celshading 1 & 2 with cl_teamskins 1.

Fixed: Decals are not added to animated textures.

Added: When recording a demo, show_rec will display "[*REC]" on screen.
show_rec 0|1 to toggle
show_rec_x horizontal positioning
show_rec_y vertical positioning

Added: Enhanced BuiltIn Function System (EBFS) by Maddes

Added: FrikFile Support

Added: cl_levelshots 0 |1
Displays an image between level loads and fades out of view with the name of the map centerprinted.
(custom levelshot images should be placed in "/textures/levelshots" )

Added: scr_centerprint_levelname 0|1
Displays a centerprint of the map's worldspawn key "message" at map start.

Fixed: if a server model is not found, or can't be downloaded use null.mdl instead.

Fixed: Fullbright skins on 8 bit player models only illuminate the original
fullbright colors (>224)
This allows gl_fb_models 1 to correctly work for player models without making the entire skin fullbright!
Originally in Quake the player skin had a fullbright little RED dot on the gun, which was broken in glQuake.

Added: CL_TEAMSKIN support for md3 models! :D

fIXED: if transparent then no entity shadow!!

Added: cl_viewbob 0|1 default 0, bobs the pov as a player walks.
This allows the gun to sway with cl_bob* commands but keeping the pov steady.

Fixed: coronas are not visable through doors/platforms :D

Fixed chase_active so the view never pokes into the wall!

added MOVETYPE_FOLLOW for Nehahra support (oops! was missing!)

added LordHavoc's implementation of rotation on MOVETYPE_FOLLOW objects.

added gl_free_world_textures cvar to clear out loaded texture before each map load...
+ saves texture memory
+ reloads color pallete (and/or bpp)
+ resets the mipmap level

Fixed: Better support for widescreen aspect in SCR_CalcRefdef.

Added: Rotating BMODELS from DarkPlaces.

Added: preliminary support for HalfLife 1 maps with 24bit texture support

** Changes 1.90 **


scr_centersbar will center the hud, period. If in deathmatch, it just wont show the scores on the sbar.

r_simpleitems "sprites" are affected by world and dynamic lighting. No more glowing backpacks!

added r_drawviewmodelsize, moves the gunmodel closer or farther away from your pov.

added: outlines on player models are colored the color of the team, but do NOT glow in the dark!

fixed mouse after alt-tabbing. d_input was disabled.

fixed: gl_picmip was broken. I guess no one uses it anymore :P

implemented vertex arrays for particles and alias models.

show_ping 0|1 [show_ping_x,show_ping_y]
will place your ping average on the screen.
updates every 4 seconds. also shows person's ping in eyecam.

added cl_web_download [0/1] Toggles automatic downloading of missing files from the "cl_web_download_url" value.

fixed the angle of the gl_laserpoint beam to equal cl_gun_offset

added: Qrack will detect when a "match" begins and will force the client to main focus.
This way if a player alt-tabbed, the game will switch into view when everyone ready's up.

-no24bitwad will still use 24bit textures in the -game folder...

fixed capture_demo if disconnect was called at the end of the demo.

fixed - .tga screenshots

fixed crash fog field in worldspawn.

added r_interpolate_light - toggles lightstyle interpolation.

added cl_lightning_zadjust

new icon from GetoGamer!

added version checking, through web interface on Qrack's website

added sys_disableWinKeys, (finally) made winkeys bind-able
lwinkey = left windows key
rwinkey = right windows key
popupmenu = windows menu key

added toggling fullscreen with ALT-ENTER.

fixed -alias handling within console. Thanks Baker!

added pq_armor, defines armortype string for %a macro. default = "[G]:[Y]:[R]"
example: say_team "%a %h %l"
output: "R00k: 200[R] 100 Lower Bridge"

changed +strafe to convert m_forward to up/down movements if you are in water.

fixed default refreshrates on startup.

updated pak0/server.lst with all known quake 1 servers.

Fixed pq_scoreboardping and pq_teamfrags.

24-bit player skins now use only 3 files (included in pak0). Base, Pants, Shirt.
Pants and shirts are dynamically colored in realtime

Added 5 mouse button support

Added r_particle_type 0 = circle 1= square for classic particle mode

enable z-buffer filter on transparent models, this cleans up the image.

qrack will default to desktop display properties

added muzzleflashes for opponents

added Baker's APIPA ip address workaround.

lowered the lighting closer to black for ALL alias models, including the gun viewmodel.

added cl_gun_offset 0 = center, 1 = left, 2 = right. Hand placement of the weaponmodel.

added sv_cull_entities 0 = off 1 = only player models 2 = cull all entites, can save fps in singleplayer games

added weapon flash when being hit

added m_directinput and m_smooth cvars.

disabled checking of the resolution of the conback image.
Also upped 8bit texture resolutions to 1024x1024.

created a new cvar gl_particle_count to dynamically set number of particles
raising this can increase quality at the cost of fps
lower this setting for a gain in fps.
default: 2048
maximum: 32768

added slight gun sway to viewmodel in singleplayer

tweaked caustics a bit..

fixed animation interpolation when switching weapons.

allow footstep sounds during demo playback.

fixed r_skyscroll with r_novis 1, thanks MH!

added new message macros
%W = weapon in hand based on pq_weapons
%A = ammo output is "%d {ammotype} " whereas %d is a number of {ammotype} of the gun in hand.
%At = output the ammotype only, "shells", "nails","rockets", or "cells" based on weapon in hand
"say_team I am dropping %At at %l."
"I am dropping rockets at yellow armor."

"say_team I am at %l with my %W and %A"
"I am at Mound with my RL and 13 rockets "

only allow decal_bullets underwater.
fixed color of decals when viewed through water.
- ie. if your in water looking out at a decal, its not as vivid.

  • cl_sbar_style [0 = classic | 1 = qw style]
    r_lavaalpha controls the transparency of lava textures.
    r_telealpha controls the transparency of teleport textures.
    cl_loadmapcfg execute a .cfg file based on the map name in the gamedir
    cl_footsteps footstep sounds singleplayer games only or with frikbots
    gl_particle_flies render flies around dead corpse
    cl_basespeedkey toggle optional +speed behavior.
    chase_transparent Player model is transparent for 3rd-person view (single player only).
    r_simpleitems [0 = off | 1 = soild | 2 = 50% transparent]
    r_drawflame [0 = off | 1 = on | 2 = render dynamic lights for wall torches]
    gl_powerupshells Q3-style Powerup Shells .mdl only.
  • -no24bitwad commandline parameter to supress 24bit textures for hud, menus, and conback.
    added skybox.cfg assign skyboxes for each map
    changed r_wateralpha_distance to r_turbalpha_distance.
    The command "gamedir" now loads proper conback and executes the gamedir/config.cfg
    added crosshair13 to qrack/pak0
    cleaned up charset-1
  • fixed a bug when loading a saved singleplayer game, after playing a multiplayer game (deathmatch 1)
    fixed skyscroll bug on brushmodels
    fixed reading proquake-created .loc files by increasing the z-plane +/- 32 units
    fixed glitch with skybox/blooms/wateralpha.
    updated the simpleitems sprites in pak0, they had incorrect frame sizes..
    gl_laserpoint glow has correct color in singleplayer.
    fixed a bug when using -current would not use correct bpp, and thus produce a white display
    cl_maxfps 0 equals up to 4096 maximum fps...
    fixed ipdump output with de-quaked names
    fixed bind for shift and ctrl, pressing enter allows u to edit the values
    bounding box corrections on alias models (LordHavoc)
    Optimized the gl_rain code, sync to frametime.
    Fixed mixed particle mode of QMB and Classic particles, it was drawing triangles for classic particles.
    Fixed the crosshairsize selector on the menu
    Elimate Z-Fighting of textures on same plane. (example: map E2M2, platform underwater near end)
  • gl_greyscale turns bsp textures to black & white (looks like an old movie)
  • Added "q_version" and "q_sysinfo" parsing in MessageMode1/2 to broadcast client information to all clients.
    When online, if you type "say q_version" in console everyone using Qrack will respond with their version information.
  • added crosshair selector in the multiplayer/setup menu
  • revamped video setup menu option to change resolutions in-game! Woot!
  • added scr_sbaralpha cvar for cl_sbar 0 overlay (transparent sbar background)
  • set vid_hwgammacontrol default to 2. Allows users to adjust gamma in windowed mode.
  • changed, r_wateralpha_distance: only compares height distance from player to water now. Set to 9999 to disable this option.
  • Re-enabled the joystick support... :)
  • Added freelook command. Mimics +mlook, retained m_look cvar also.
  • Fixed: HELP command, plus added "ESC to EXIT"
  • Added: ability to change status bar resolution independant from console resolution!!
    new cvars:
    con_textsize (2..20) default 8, adjusts the console text size.
    vid_conwidth, 320.."-width" value, default 640, dynamically changes the width of 2d images
    also will automatically adjust conheight based on screen aspect
    vid_conheight, 200.."-height" value, default 480, same as -conheight, but realtime.
  • fixed: crosshair (0/1) also affects the gl_crosshairimage display
  • moved QMB particles off heapspace.
  • Added: gl_laserpoint (0..4)
    0 = off
    1 = blue
    2 = red
    3 = yellow
    4 = green
  • Fixed: .avi capturing a portion of a demo until the end would crash on exit.
  • FIXED: cl_gun_fovscale with .md3 viewmodels.
  • Added TEST on serverlist to show players currently online in the Menu
  • For MM2 messages if a player doesnt have a .loc definition for that point
    instead of 'somewhere' the origin is printed to the console, where other players
    using Qrack can parse the actual numbers and print the proper loc definition.
  • Fixed GL_POLYBLEND 1 with R_BLOOM 1
  • Added command CONDUMP, dumps console buffer to condump.txt
  • Fixed decals at distance fade color
    (started at 1.0 alpha value then faded, instead of distance alpha->fade)
  • Added internal .loc file maker/editor with in game outlined boxes showing the
    location definitions.
  • New cvars:
    loc_deletecurrent: Erases current selected location.
    loc_clear: Erase ALL location definitions.
    loc_reload: Reload current .loc file.
    loc_save: Save current location
    loc_endpoint "locname"
    1: shows current area
    2: shows all defined locs
    show_locnames (0/1/2), prints the location name and origin on the statusbar
  • Added UnAlias and UnAliasAll commands
    Changed behavior of Alias command,
    typing alias with no parameter shows a list of all aliases
    typing alias aliasname (without a value) edits the alias value.
  • Changed Behavior of Bind,
    whereas typing bind x (with previous bound value), edits the key value.
  • Main Menu is presented by default on loadup instead of the console
  • cannot see through lava with r_wateralpha < 1
  • added gl_rain to toggle a rainy quake day ;)

  • Added bloom support
    blooms enable a glowing effect around fullbright colors.. ie explosions, skybox, lights etc..
    use r_bloom to toggle
  • New Multiplayer scoreboard
  • cl_nocenterprint
    Disables centerprint messages for demo watching... (default 0)
  • r_simpleitems
    Replaces 3d models with equivelent sprites (default 0)
  • cl_gun_fovscale
    Fixes proper rendering of viewmodel at fov values greater than 90 (default 0) (removed r_viewmodelsize cvar)
  • saving various cvars to config on exit
  • modified smoke particles a bit
  • correct fov rendering with widescreen resolutions
  • cleaned up the gun sway code when moving
  • added gl_texCompression to compress textures if supported (default 1)

  • increased blood and splatter pattern, blood decals look better!
  • greatly sped up gl_lavasmoke by clipping to r_farclip value.
  • centerprint logging to console
  • gl_part_trails 2 for simpler smoke trails on gl and rl
  • replace muzzleflash with particle effect!
  • fixed alias entities with fogenable
  • support for flamethower in QMB mode for RuneQuake and FvF.
  • changed servers.txt to servers.lst for server list file.
  • gl_shiny, adds gloss to mirrors and metalic surfaces
  • gl_nightmare mode.
  • added watercaustics to underwater models
  • fixed textures on cards with single TMU.
  • fixed luma textures with gl_fog enabled
  • fixed luma support.
  • Realtime model replacement for CTF flags, from keys to 3wave flag model!
    Use cl_teamflags 0/1 to toggle.
  • Added r_mapname_skybox 0/1 .
    Automatically uses mapname as the skybox, for each map.
  • 24bit skins for players, using cl_teamskin 0/1
    (see pak file link above..)
  • Added value 2 for r_celshading, smoother texture.
  • Reduced heapspace default back to 16mb from 64mb
    use PRINTHUNK in console to test your heapspace.
  • Set default refresh rate to 60 to fix Fullscreen DIB error on flatpanel and Laptop displays
  • fixed skybox texture bug
  • dynamic wateralpha based on view distance
    new cvar added r_wateralpha_radius, (default 512)
  • bug fixed: shotgun decal fps lag, optimized decal code!
  • fade decals based on distance.
  • altered r_powerupglow.
    0 = off
    1 = colored glows
    2 = all white
  • reduced the velocity of the lavasmoke (woods)
  • Added NEW decal code with clipping on edges, requires new pak0 with decal textures(included).
  • toggle for decals 'toggledecals'.
  • added decal settings to menu particles.
  • iplog is always ON instead of commandline -iplog (woods)
  • appended video init message with current refreshrate (Hz).
  • automatically record demos on mapchange and connect
    Clanring Match Support:
    cl_autodemo 2 for match games, starts and ends at match begin and end.
    cl_autodemo 1 for pub/local games. Starts when u connect and ends on intermission.
  • added: cl_hurtblur, blur vision based on damage encurred.
  • fixed: bug in namemaker.
  • added: simple oriented blood particles on bsp contact.
  • fixed: demo arrow shorcuts disabled while console is down.
  • added: new custom textures for r_skyscroll.
  • Q2 like skyscrolling, ala MHQuake
    r_skyscroll 1. - On, Q2 style clouds/motion.
    r_skyspeed (0 - 10). Speed of skytexturemap rotation.
  • Multitextured CelShading on alias models.
    cvar: r_celshading 0|1
  • r_outline 0|1|2 - Draw outline polys on entities and world map.
  • Direct Input support for mouse refresh rates.
    use -msmooth on commandline with -dinput
    in console type m_rate ###, m_showrate 1 to show current rate...
  • gl_farclip now defaults to 16384.
  • conwidth and conheight now defaults to current resolution.
    If not specified on the commandline, each value will take
    that of -width and -height; makes console fonts look more natural.
  • fix 32 bit modes for ALL modes!! *again*
  • added server list
  • cvar for death blurs: gl_deathblur 0|1
  • added coronas to the menus
  • added gl_beergoggles, requires 32bit color (-bpp 32)
  • blur view on death, requires -bpp 32
  • fixed pq_scoreboardpings (i think)
  • added MHquake's LavaSmoke
  • fixed windowed mouse flaw
  • added .jpg texture support
  • added steam effect to slime
  • realtime gl_anisotropic filtering support
  • added command TOGGLE, for cvar toggling
  • centered scoreboard so u can see the Menu / MOTD of most servers
  • added control keys for watching demos:
    LEFTARROW: Rewind
    UPARROW: increase cl_demospeed
    DOWNARROW: decrease cl_demospeed
    ENTER: reset to Forward, normal demospeed.
  • fixed chase_active when watching demos
  • demos goes into /demos folder of the gamedir
  • Custom Particle Lightning - including sparks on contact with walls and floors
  • Optimized r_fastsky, and r_fast turb draws a blank texture based on the color average of the original save a few fps on slower gpus
  • gl_animate_entity [0 / 1] - Turns of torch animation, and waving of the ctf flag etc.
  • modifed r_shadows so that shadow intensity is dynamic
    shadows are solid color u dont see the overlapping polygons
  • added r_drawflame [0 / 1] turns off all wall torches (save fps!)
  • MD3 support for weapons and items (no animations yet)
  • Freelook and freemove during demo playback
  • r_glowlg [0 / 1] emits a blue glow down the length of the lightning beam
  • cl_mute [0 / 1 / 2] controls the beep for messages
  • 0 default u hear all messages
    1 turn off beep of mm1 messages, only hear team messages
    2 turn off beep of all messages.
  • messages now have two independant sounds for each mode. (talk.wav and talk2.wav)
  • gl_textureless makes all map textures 1 basic color, saves fps.
  • gl_anisotropic [0 / 2 / 4 / 6 / 8]
    filters texture clarity at angles
  • added particle trail to nails
  • gl_flametype [0 / 1]
    choose between 2 different particles for flames and explosions
  • fov_speed [0 .. 10]
  • when changing fov, this variable controls the stepping from the old FOV value to the NEW fov value
    to create a smooth transition from one to the other.
    setting to 0 will go from old to new immediately.
  • support for CRMOD's match time in the sbar
  • pq_teamscores
  • pq_scoreboard pings
  • renamed pq_maxfps to cl_maxfps
  • +mlook is now a cvar m_look default is ON, saves to config.cfg
  • modified skys, bottom layer is transparent
  • support for proquake's .loc files,
  • support for proquake's message macros %l %a %h etc..
  • support for 32bpp at ALL resolutions
  • disabled chase_active in online games
  • if not specifying udp port on connect command, then use default udp port.
  • added gl_beergoogles, requires 32bit color , also at 32bit modes, blur view on death.
  • added commandline parameter "-refreshrate <hz>"
  • example: glQrack.exe -refreshrate 85
    This will set the refreshrate to 85hz
  • added vid_vsync <0/1>
  • syncs the frame updates with the refresh rate or maximum throuput.
    default is ON.
  • forced iplog.dat to be written to /id1 instead of gamedir
  • screenshots written to "gamedir" /screenshots
  • cl_gibfilter remove body parts
  • cl_deadbodyfilter remove corpse


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