2018 - Quake For Android with a modern multi-touch interface like popular mobile games.
Easy installation! Downloads shareware Quake on first use. Be playing in 2 minutes!

New Update - May 5, 2018

Side-loading APKs must be enabled. Settings->Security->Allow Unknown Sources [ X ] (view pic)
The APK will be in your Download folder. Find it and click on it.

QuakeDroid is licensed under the GPL 2.0 License Agreement (Read License).

1. Where is my Quake folder?
2. Difference between shareware and registered.
3. How to upgrade from shareware to registered that I own from Steam or GOG?
4. How do I put the map I made in TrenchBroom or J.A.C.K. on my phone?
5. How do I set a startup command line?
6. Feedback thread @ Func_Msgboard
7. Is there a WinQuake version?

Thanks to other engine devs: Spike, mh, metlslime, ericw (**), qbism/mankrip, R00k + the Quakespasm team.

Special thanks to: gunter, qmaster, dumptruck_ds, brassbite and others who tested on their devices
or provided feedback/suggestions/thoughts: pulsar, barnak, vondur, onetruepurple, oGkspA, mgtroyas,
milkeywilkey, pritchard, negrostrike, shamblernaut, fifth, bloodshot, virto, brassbite, butane, apm, mfx, "*****"

(**) ericw provided some awesome insighting on a tint issue and made adding controller support easier.


Supports game controllers made for use with Android.

Additionally supports wireless Xbox One Controller S.

Supports Bluetooth keyboards (they are cheap, and in the US big + nice ones are available
at Walmart for $7-$12). If you plan to enter console commands often, it can save time.

QuakeDroid is an open source Quake engine (GPL 2.0). The source code is available here.
QuakeDroid is based on the Mark V engine, which is based on FitzQuake 0.85.

Built with Android SDK 24.3.3, Android NDK 10e, Android Studio Bundle 141.2135290,
Apache Ant 1.9.6, Java SDK 8.51, SDL2 2.0.3. Later upgraded to SDL 2.0.8.