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There are three complementary ammunition types to match with the new weapons and four new items.

In addition to the base set of weapons from Quake, Dissolution of Eternity adds five more. The new weapons are little more than alternate versions of previous weapons, but they do considerably more damage.


- The Lava Nails
- The Multi Rockets
- The Plasma Energy
- The Plasma Shield
- The Antigravity Ring
- The Buzz Saw
- The Pendulum

- The Lava Nailgun
- The Lava Super Nailgun
- The Multi Grenade Launcher
- The Multi Rocket Launcher
- The Plasma Gun


Ammunition for the lava nailgun and lava super nailgun. Roughly as common as standard nails throughout the expansion. In Quake 1: Dissolution of Eternity, Lava Nails (LN) come in two sizes, small and large. Small boxes hold 25 LN, while large boxes hold 50 LN. LN are armor piercing 'hot shots' from the Nail Gun. They inflict more damage than regular nails.

"Projectiles "hot" fired with a nail gun, and capable of piercing armor. Absolutely should avoid!"
— Quake 1: "Dissoltuion of Eternity" Manual

Ammunition for the multi grenade launcher and multi rocket launcher. Despite the amount of shots that the weapons fire and damage that they inflict, only one unit of ammunition is expended per attack. Five units of ammunition per box collected.

Ammunition specifically for the new plasma gun. Six units of ammunition per box collected.

Decreases the amount of damage received from enemy attacks.

Makes the player lightweight, emulating the low gravity physics of E1M8. Allows the player to jump higher but leaves a high exposure time when in open areas (such as R2M8).

Swinging axes that cut the limbs to the passage of anyone who dares to put the meat .. new textures more realistic and bloody

Rotating blades that cut the meat, new texture more realistic and bloody ... attention to the legs ...

Fires special lava nails..

The Super Lava Nailgun (also known as the LSNG or the Lava Perforator) is a lava nail-firing gun in Quake 1 Dissolution of Eternity. It consumes two lava nails with each shot, meaning that you can fire it 100 times (with max ammo) before you run out of ammo. Unlike the regular Lava Nailgun or normal Nailgun, the LSNG fires one lava nail. While this may seem like a downfall, the nails from a SLNG do more damage than two nails fired from the LNG or NG.

"Four cyclic barrels that hose out spikes like crazy."
— Quake 1 Manual

The Multi Grenade Launcher (or MGL)...well...fires multi grenades. The grenades will explode if they hit a target or after a few seconds on the ground. Grenades burst into multiple smaller grenades on impact. Grenades can be used to grenade jump, but this is much less practical than a Rocket Jump. The MGL uses Multi Rockets as ammo.

"Thumps neat exploding bombs into the air."
— Quake 1 Manual

Fires four rockets at the same time. Uses special ammunition and only expends one shot per four rockets.

Launches a ball of plasma energy that shoots out lightning bolts as it flies.



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