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Three new items were added to the game: two defensive and one offensive.

Three new weapons are available through the course of the game, supplementing the previous seven weapons.


- The Horn of Conjuring
- The Empathy Shield
- The Wetsuit
- The Spike Mines

- The Laser Cannon
- The Proximity Bomb
- The Mjolnir


The Horn of Conjuring randomly summons an enemy creature to your side, ranging from a standard rottweiler to a shambler. Creatures summoned by the horn are invincible, but the AI has been toned down to make them less likely to leave their immediate surroundings.

The Empathy Shield reflects shots back at the enemies and inflicts 50% of the damage back to them, allowing for more aggressive run and gun gameplay

The Wet Suit protects the player from all electrical attacks and enhances movement while underwater. This expands on a capability in the original Quake where a player could fire a lightning bolt while underwater to kill everything in the water (including themselves) and provides a less powerful alternative to placing a pentagram of protection in the map.

fFoating mines that wander along the layer and discharging a devastating rain of sharp points when they are close to a player. If he keeps them under control with their eyes they act slowly, if you turn destroy you. Use them to your advantage driving against your enemies.

The Laser Cannon fires rapid laser shots that ricochet around a room as they're fired. It does more damage than the perforater but is restricted by energy ammunition and shots can damage a careless player.

The Proximity Bomb functions as an alternate mode of the grenade launcher. Rather than having a 2.5second delay on the shots, the grenades are triggered by other characters getting close.

The Mjolnir, Thor's hammer from Norse mythology, shoots bolts of lightning towards all nearby enemies when used.



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