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This second project that we are developing, aims to recreate all the monster's skins of Quake and officially expansions.

This page contains a list of all the monsters in Quake and expansions, you can enter by clicking the link on the page devoted to each skin and informations.
For the correct installation refer to the FAQs section, and the TECH-GUIDE for optimizing overall in the game.

There are human opponents armed with shotguns and energy weapons in the early levels, while the later levels include medieval knights, ghosts, zombies, ogres (armed with grenade launchers and chainsaws) and some more unearthly beasts. The player's weapons, while relatively modern, all have a low-tech feel.



Two new enemy types were added to the game in addition to the climatic boss battle against Armagon himself.

The Centroid, is a scorpion that fires nails. While slow, it strafes quickly and fires low to the ground, presenting a threat in open areas.
Gremlins are the second type of enemy and tend to be placed in packs throughout the game. They don't have many hit points (a single double barrel shotgun blast can kill them), but they have the ability to steal the player's active weapon and use it against them. Killing them will retrieve the weapon.

Like the previous mission pack, Dissolution of Eternity added additional enemy types. While a majority of them are new models, two are just reskins of existing enemies and with additional behavior. The game gradually introduces new enemies into the maps throughout the campaign; it's not until midway through the second episode that the game finishes working them into the levels. Additionally, two new bosses were created for the expansion while Chthon was reworked into a subboss.






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