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"Player was slain by a Death Knight"

"This particular canned meat tends to open you up instead."
The Death Knight (also known as the Hell Knight) makes his first appearance in the levels " The Crypt of Decay" on act 2. Try to see on for list of levels. Often seen patrolling, he makes low hoarse grunts, rather than growls, which can be identified from a distance in the same levels. Distinguishable by his horned helmet, armor, and sheer size, a new player may hesitate on initiating combat with the Death Knight, it's hard to fight.
Wielding a rather large, long and bloody sword, and possessing a strong tenacity for charging while swinging, it is a good idea to keep your distance, though you risk him utilizing his magic missile attack, which fans out horizontally making dodging a bit difficult. Thankfully due to this, you can lure the Death Knight into inciting chaos by harming other monsters.
Some quake players, however criticize them as being a bit too boring, lacking significant variety or threat in their behavior, and acting as a super shotgun sponge to reduce ammo and slow the player. They may appear in hordes, but that generally mitigates the effectiveness of their magic, and makes them susceptible to various explosives.
A far more dangerous variety can be found in
DarkPlaces Mod
of "Lord Havoc", where the magic homes in on the player and pursues rather relentlessly.

In Quake 1, a Death Knight resembles a large man in a fierce-looking, blood-flecked suit of armour with a horned helm
and evil mask. It has a long bloody sword and can also cast magic fireballs, giving it a heavy ranged attack.

Alone, a Death Knight is real pain to take out. Even though it takes around four Super Shotgun (try to see in the table
below) blasts to take it out, the Death Knight is fast enough to attack you while you're attacking and reloading the gun, in
particular the Sshotgun.
Instead, take out the Nailgun/Super Nailgun and begin firing. He'll stop often, allowing you to get far away so that his
long sword won't reach you, and he'll be killed before he can utilize his magic fireballs.

In a large group, the Death Knight should be the first target to kill if there isn't a Vore, Fiend or Shambler, in particular
for his magic fireballs. If any of them are attacking you with the Death Knight, take out your Nailgun/Super Nailgun
or Lightning Gun and alternate between the bigger threat and the Death Knight. If you ignore the Death Knight, he'll
manage to get close and inflict damage with his sword in your ass.

Death knights are, however, very useful for causing funny monster infights. The spread of ranged attack of the Death Knight
makes them in group constantly provoke monster infights, if particular, a single ranged attack may cause often them to
provoke various monsters, sometimes provoking even more monsters as they fight back a monster using their magic ranged
attacks. In the level trying to trick them into provoking other monsters often causes you to get injured as the attack is very
hard to evitate, but it's often worth it as the damage from a single shot is very, very small.

" This particular canned meat tends to open you up instead "
— Quake 1 Manual

  • Name: Hell Knight;
  • Health: 250;
  • Attack: Ranged magic attack and powerful sword in melee;
  • Information: With a strong sword swing and a powerful ranged magic attack this breed of evil is a typical
    encounter in the later levels, act2 to act4. While he does not seem too if you encounter him in the range, he likes to
    surprise you with his ranged magic attack from behind and - believe me - it hurts;
  • Message of death: "Player was slain by a Death Knight";
  • File Position: Quake/progs/hknight.mdl;
  • Health to gib: -40;






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