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" Player was blasted by an Enforcer "

"Grunt, Mark Two. Grunts who are surlier and beefier than the rest get outfitted in combat armour and built-in blasters."

Enforcers like to hunt you with their lasers, but they lack agility, so you can easily avoid their shots, turn around and pa ck a full load of bullets in their back.
More Enforcers doesnìt mean necessirily a greater treat, but teamed with rotweiler, they should be taken down after.

The Enforcer is the hard brute of the military complex base maps. You can tell them apart by their beefier build, backpack and helmets. Wielding a laser cannon with perfect aim, they fire in two shot electric bursts, ensuring that you have to step at distance very quickly to avoid harm. On death they will drop a backpack containing five electric cells.

Enforcers are the only Quake monster showing a sort of Earth human intelligence, as some of their sounds bear a strong resemblance to English words, typically used by guards of any sort of type. This suggests that in their strength, they were less assimilated as a whole by Quake's forces, and thus retained a bit more of their minds.

Their projectile can also be found as an option for the trap_shooter entity, which can be seen used to an extreme extent in.
The first level of Beyond Belief where a tight cluster of them act as a security system to prevent the player from passing.
Beyond Belief also modified the Enforcer to drop only two cells on death, making them less of a boon to the player at a later
point upon finding the Thunderbolt.

They'll fire two lasers as soon as they find you, while they take four shotgun blasts to die. The first shot will stun them
enough so that you can kill them without retaliation. Having to combat versus multiple Enforcers, use your trustworthy
Nailgun and open fire, while dodging lasers bursts.

Sometimes you can find Enforcers pa cked with Grunts: don't be fooled and keep your eyes peeled for the flying lasers.

" Grunt, Mark 2. Grunts who are surlier and beefier than the rest get outfitted in combat armour and built-in blasters "
— Quake 1 Manual

  • Name: Enfocer;
  • Health: 80;
  • Attack: Shoots with his lasergun, drops 5 cells when killed;
  • Information: "Freeze!" PEWPEW! A rank higher than the Grunt this former soldier wears full armor and carries
    a laser gun;
  • Message of death: "Player was blasted by an Enforcer";
  • File Position: Quake/id1/progs/enforcer.mdl;
  • Health to gib: -35;






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