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" Player was eviscerated by a Fiend "

"In essence, organic buzzsaws, rife with pummeling power!"

Fiends appear almost small the way they position their bodies at rest, and not much larger when walking, but when you see them run, let alone leap, you will appreciate their size - and ferocity.

Fiends make their first appearance in The Castle of the Damned as a literal monster closet, leaping out at you while you observe the floating stone blocks. They are quite potent in their slashing, but also can take a handful of rockets. However those hooved legs should be your concern. The leap is fast and powerful (bare minimum of 40 damage) and quick to recover. Be swift on your feet, particularly with sidestepping and take advantage of its exposed back during the jump. If you can keep close enough in range, they will generally not leap, but they
do take small steps forward as they slash, so be careful. In Quake 1, a Fiend is a four-legged monkey-style beast that uses
its claws to scratch a target. In addition, it is very fast and can jump great distances.

Fiends stand approximately 6 feet tall(their back rises above their head) and have a muscular appearance. They are often
found alongside other types of aliens as well, usually Ogres.

Fiends have beige, adreneline-flushed skin and a mouth full of sharp teeth. They also have two horn-like appendages
growing from out of their head, and the area around their mouth is soaked with blood. Their hands are simply large,
curved claws. In combat, Fiends make an odd snarling noise and charge at an alarming speed towards their prey. They
appear to have hooves for feet and powerful legs and haunches which allow them to leap great distances. When they
get close enough, they roar loudly and leap to point-blank range, slashing away with their claws. When they are killed,
Fiends give out a low growl.

Alone, the Fiend is a pretty powerful monster. Its jumping attack is very fast and can inflict a good amount of damage.
The best way to evade its jump attact is by constantly strafing so that it will miss you. Don't try and get close to it, as its
melee attacks will lunge it closer to you. Alternatively, get a corner or a low doorway between you and fiend so that it
will try to jump at you, but will hit the corner or the wall instead. After that, it can be safely taken out. Avoid using 
explosives against it in melee, as it frequently gets close to you via jumping before the missiles hit it, inflicting you with
splash damage. The (Super) Nailgun is the best weapon to use against Fiends, as its accuracy allows you to keep a safe
 distance from them, yet allows you to inflict major damage.

In a group of enemies, the Fiend should be the first enemy to go, unless there's a Vore or Shambler with the other
enemies (though in some circumstances, it is ideal to kill the Fiend prior to the Shambler). Because it's attacks are so
swift, your focus will likely be vested in strafing away from its jumping attacks, which could distract you from other
nearby enemies. Try to lure it into an area where there are no other enemies; whereas any other enemy will be slow in
following you, the Fiend will constantly be chasing you. Once it is between you and it, prepare yourself with a Nailgun
or Shotgun. A Fiend cannot provoke monster infights other than through the leap attack (which is risky to use for this
purpose) but its useful to be provoked, as a single healthy Fiend can be used take out any monster (with the exception of a healthy Shambler). You can also potentially use its leap attack to trick it into a trap - distance yourself from the Fiend,
put yourself between the fiend and somewhere the Fiend will become unable to reach you (i.e. a pit), and when it leaps,
dodge the attack. If successful the Fiend will fall and you will be able to either go ahead or kill the Fiend while it's stuck.
You can potentially use this same technique to trick a Fiend into jumping to water; this will instantly kill it.

"In essence, organic buzzsaws, rife with pummeling power!"
— Quake 1 Manual

  • Name: Fiend;
  • Health: 300;
  • Attack: Jump-attack and claws in melee;
  • Information: Strong-legged warmachine with horns and reaper-like "arms". It's leathery coat protects from
    quite bit of your fire power and it's got the habit to go into melee (yupp, if your rockets explode right before your
    sorry butt, it hurts). When it jumps at you, just step aside and watch it slam into whatever was behind you.;
  • Message of death: "Player was eviscerated by a Fiend";
  • File Position: Quake/id1/progs/demon.mdl;
  • Health to gib: -80;






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