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" Player was slashed by a Knight "

" Knights have a sharp sword and strong arms of metal, but their drawback is their lack of a ranged attack. Two good spanks from the Double-Barrelled Shotgun will work in his meat (or, more efficiently, a Shotgun blast immediately followed by a double-barrelled shotgun) "
In Quake 1, a Knight is simple a armored zombie, armed with a long and bloody sword. It has only melee attacks 1 on 1, but it is quick and can easily catch you with your guard down if you're not ever careful.

Knights will appear only in castle, medieval and gothic levels.

Alone, a single Knight is pitifully easy to kill. Take out your Super Shotgun, circle-strafe him and blow him away from you. If there are multiple knights, take out a Nailgun or Supernailgun and circle-strafe them, or use a simple granade/rocket on his teeth.

With other enemies in group, the Knight can become a real nuisance. Because of its speed, it'll frequently run up in front or near you and begin swinging all time. They can seal potential escape routes, which could kill you. If you see a Knight running up, take out a Nailgun/Supernailgun or double shotgun and alternate between your target and the Knight so that it doesn't get a few swings in.

It can swing its sword for 12–18 damage, or charge for 20–30 damage; damage is done in increments of 4–6 for each step of the swing at time.

" Canned meat. Open 'er up and see if it's still fresh "
— Quake 1 Manual

  • Name: Knight;
  • Health: 75;
  • Attack: Sword in melee;
  • Information: He's supposed to protect in castle, medieval and gothic levels doors, gates, hallways, teleporters, bridges and ogres against intruders (that's you);
    Attacks only in melee. The medieval equivalent of the Grunt, or a litte Death Knight;
  • Message of death: "Player was slashed by a Knight";
  • File Position: Quake/progs/knight.mdl;
  • Health to gib: -40;






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