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"Player was destroyed by an Ogre"

" What's worse than a cannibal monster eight feet tall? One with a chainsaw. And a sackful of grenades. "

Ogres are the most common foe in the realms of Quake. With a deadly chainsaw for melee fights and a grenade launcher otherwise (though their grenade launcher is weaker than the player's), they can truly pack a punch. If you can, get somewhere higher up than they are, because they are unable to aim upwards and their own grenades might bounce back and hit them. Use a Double-Barrelled Shotgun at close range, 4 shots should put them down. Otherwise, use a Grenade Launcher or a Rocket Launcher for an even return of ammo, as they drop two rockets upon their demise.

The monster_ogre_marksman entity produces a slightly different ogre (won't make a sound when the player is sighted, won't make chainsaw dragging sounds, won't make a proper obituary message, has a different decision-making process when choosing whether to attack, and will in-fight with regular ogres).

In Quake 1, an Ogre is a chainsaw-wielding cannibal that uses a Grenade Launcher as its long-distance weapon. Alone, an Ogre isn't a real problem. Get close
enough to it so that it tries to swing its chainsaw, then run back and take it out with the Super Shotgun. If you're far
enough that he can fire grenades at you, take him out with a Nailgun from a distance. It's not worth eating a few grenades
so that you can take him out with the Super Shotgun.

With others enemies, Ogres serve as a distraction due to their grenade launchers. They'll usually stay away from you and
toss grenades while you're fighting off an enemy. Try to use a Grenade or Rocket Launcher near the enemy you're
fighting so that you can get the Ogre caught in the splash damage. If the enemy is too close, take out a Nailgun and
alternate between the two.

Also, ogres only aim horizontally. This means that an ogre on a higher location will rarely hit the enemy, and a ogre in a
lower location will not hit at all. Therefore try to fight ogres at different height levels.

Despite ogres often provoking other monsters to a monster fight due to their reckless use of their grenade launcher, using
them to provoke monster infights can be quite risky, as it requires using shots from their grenade launchers to do so, which
can be very dangerous due to the high ammount of damage it inflicts and unpredictability of grenades due to their
bouncing. Do not attempt to provoke a monster infight involving ogres on tight spaces.

"What's worse than a cannibal monster eight feet tall? One with a chainsaw. And a sack of grenades."
— Quake 1 Manual

  • Name: Ogre;
  • Health: 200;
  • Attack: Grenadelauncher and Chainsaw;
  • Information: The Ogre, poor bastard. You must know he is a bit averse to body hygiene. Therefore Quake likes
    putting him aside, behind doors, into hidden rooms, on top of structures, just anywhere away. From there he shoots
    bouncy grenades all over the place that actually are even more of a problem then his odor. If you get near him he'll
    try to schnitzel you.;
  • Message of death: "Player was destroyed by an Ogre";
  • File Position: Quake/id1/progs/ogre.mdl;
  • Health to gib: -80;






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